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How to Waterproof Doc Martens?

How to Waterproof Doc Martens

Dr. Martens’ shoes appeal to individuals who have their own distinct style yet share a common purpose – real people with beliefs.

Dr. Martens’ basic silhouettes allow their wearers to construct their own distinctive look around them, while the shoes are instantly recognizable due to their iconic yellow stitching. On a practical level, their legendary durability and comfort make them ideal for the harsh world of concerts and street fashion; on an emotional level, they are a sign of attitude and empowerment.

Since 1901 Doc Martens’ boots became very popular among musicians and “blue collars” who were looking for stylish, durable, and comfortable footwear [1]

Are you looking for a way to waterproof your Doc Martens? Well, look no more. This blog post will tell you some ways that are really easy and will give you the protection that you need. No matter what type of shoe or boot it is, there are always ways to make them water-resistant. If you’re worried about your boots getting wet when it’s raining outside, then this article is perfect for you!

Positive Points of Doc Martens’ boots:

  • They are very durable;
  • You can customize them with your own set of laces, insoles, and tongue pads;
  • The boots have a rugged exterior made from leather, which is easy to maintain & clean up after use;

Negative Points of Doc Martens’ boots:

  • They are expensive;
  • The footbeds of the boot can be rough & cause discomfort to some people who have sensitive feet;
  • The water-resistant finish wears off over time, which causes them to become vulnerable if they get wet too often or soaked in a downpour for an extended period of time;

Are Doc Martens Waterproof?

They produce a lineup of waterproof boots[2]

But most Doc Martens boots are not fully waterproof [3] since they are made from natural leather. And it is a naturally porous material. Wax or a waterproofing spray may be used to keep the leather dry, but not completely waterproof it.

The Grip of Doc Martens

On snowy days, the slip-resistant soles of Doc Martens boots will come in handy, as they provide excellent traction and grip. As a result, the boots may be used on ice surfaces since they minimize the chances of slipping and falling.

Doc Martens are known for their durability and quality. However, they can easily get damaged if not waterproofed. The leather is porous in nature which allows water to enter it with ease. This leads to the development of mold on the shoes making them unfit for wearing.

Can You Wear Doc Martens in The Rain?

Some Doc Martens are “waterproof”, but that doesn’t mean you can wear them in the rain. Mother nature is unpredictable and it’s impossible to claim they’re 100% waterproof, which means eventually water will seep into your boots. 

They’re not 100% waterproof, but they should be okay for a drizzle or even light snow. If there’s any chance of getting caught out in serious weather, it might be best to leave your shoes at home and opt for something else instead!

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow?

If you’re going to be walking in deep snow or slush, then your Docs will definitely get wet. The soles of the shoes are not waterproof and any water that contacts them is likely to soak down inside after a while. 

One way around this problem might be to wear some extra socks on top of your usual ones – this should absorb any moisture before it can seep too far into the shoe. It’s also worth mentioning at this point that no matter how good their insulating properties are, they won’t keep your feet warm if they’re soaked from outside!

In general, though, wearing Doc Martens for winter walks is fine as long as you know what to expect and don’t try to wear them when the weather is really bad.

Doc Martens Styles – Waterproof Guide

Are vegan Doc Martens waterproof?

Vegan Doc Martens are waterproof since they’re composed of a water-resistant synthetic material that can endure considerable rain. Vegan Docs are quite robust and can withstand significant rainfall, making them an excellent option if you want some water-resistant Docs.

Are leather Doc Martens waterproof?

Doc Marten shoes and boots are made of different kinds of real leather. These include:

  • Aniline leather. It has a 100% waxed and polished natural leather finish that is both clear and smooth;
  • Antique Temperley Leather. The leather is from Argentina, and it has a dual-toned finish;
  • Boanil Brush Leather. It has a more formal appearance thanks to hand-picked luster and finishes;

There are various types of leather, such as Brando, Carpathian, Danio, Crazy Horse, and others.

Natural leather Doc Martens are not as water-resistant as vegan ones. Leather footwear needs to be treated first before being worn in the rain because of its porous nature that makes them susceptible to water damage if no proper oiling is done beforehand.

However, it’s important to note that leather boots can’t be submerged underwater for long periods of time since this will cause irreparable harm to their material composition and structure. A damp surface or quick drenching from rainfall should be fine though!

Are Doc Martens sandals waterproof?

Doc Martens sandals are not waterproof. They also don’t have any weatherproof materials that will guarantee your feet of an adequate amount of protection from the elements while wearing them. You can wear Docs with socks to avoid getting a foot fungus though!

Are Doc Martens Chelsea Boots waterproof?

Water may seep into the Chelsea Boots if they are made of leather, which is naturally porous and can absorb water. Water may also leak into the boots through the stitching.

Are Doc Martens 1460 waterproof?

The leather of Dr. Martens 1460 boots is bound together with adhesive, as opposed to being waterproof. Leather isn’t a completely waterproof material and may get soggy after extended immersion in water. The glue between the leather may also leak.

Doc Martens has an excellent selection of vegan shoes. Their vegan 1460 boots are completely waterproof since they are constructed using a synthetic material that is heat-sealed along the seams.

Are Jadon Doc Martens waterproof?

The Jadon Doc Martens aren’t completely waterproof, since they’re constructed of leather, which isn’t a naturally water-resistant fabric. Using wax and waterproofing spray will assist to improve the resistance of the Jadon Doc Martens boot to water [4].

Tips for users: always try your Doc Martens’ shoes out before wearing them outside – especially during rainy weather conditions – by walking around indoors without going too far away just yet! This way you’ll ensure the best experience possible while minimizing risks at the same time.

How to Waterproof Doc Martens

Wonder Balsam

It is a water-based sealant. And, also Wonder balsam is one of the best products you can use to waterproof your Doc Martens’ boots. 

How to apply:

  • Remove any loose dirt, mud, or rocks from your shoes with a brush;
  • Let them dry completely before applying the product;
  • Make sure to apply it evenly and thinly for the best results. The safest way to apply it is with a sponge or cloth and in small sections at a time;
  • Doc Martens need only one coat of sealant applied in this way; multiple coats will not produce better results and could even peel off after some time;


Dubbin is a wax-based waterproofing ointment. Alternatively, you may use pure wax products to protect your boots from water. 

How to apply:

  • Just like the Wonder Balsam, you need to remove any loose dirt or mud from your Doc Martens with a brush first before applying it evenly with your hands or cloth/sponge in small sections at a time;
  • One coat of wax should be enough for most people but adding more layers will not improve its performance;
  • It dries within an hour so you can wear them soon afterward;

Another alternative that’s readily available in many stores is shoe polish which does pretty much the same job as Dubbin (for example, Kiwi brand [5]). However, they’re usually quite expensive when compared to other products so experts recommend checking out the other two if you can.

Waterproof spray

You can use waterproof sprays for your Doc Martens’ boots, but they are not the best choice. 

How to apply:

  • Remove any loose dirt with a brush first before applying an even coat in small sections at a time;
  • You’ll need two or more layers for full protection against the elements. Do not forget about the laces;
  • They should also be protected from water damage by sealing them up tightly inside your boots’ eyelets (for example with silicon);

Waterproof sprays are easier to use. But be warned that this method could cause peeling off after some time and it is also less durable than Dubbin or shoe polish which means you might have to re-apply more often (whereas once every few months should usually suffice). It’s probably better if you stick with one of the other two options instead! 

Other ways to waterproof your Doc Martens’ boots: 

  1. If your Doc Martens are natural leather, use neatsfoot oil instead. This is a more old-fashioned method but has the same effect in keeping water away from your shoes. Make sure not to leave it on too long or apply too much or you could end up with cracked and stiffened soles that won’t bend very well when you walk around! It’s best to limit this process of waterproofing to once every six months at most; overdoing it can be just as bad for the boots’ quality as underdoing it. You’ll also need to make sure they’re dry before putting them back on so avoid walking through wet grass if possible;
  2. Do not forget to waterproof your Doc Martens soles as well! This will prevent water from entering through the stitches and seeping into your shoes. You can do this by applying a coating of spray-on sealant on them every now and then but it’s much easier just to use Dubbin/wax for that too since shoe polish doesn’t really work very well when applied over large surfaces like boot soles anyways. Just remember, one coat should be enough unless you’re using multiple coats in order to give yourself some extra durability (not recommended);


Can Doc Martens get wet?

Yes. Doc Martens can get wet. However, they are not waterproof and it is recommended to be careful when wearing them in the rain or similar conditions. Experts recommend using waterproofing products before going out in any kind of bad weather with your boots.

How to make Doc Martens more water-resistant?

Doc Martens are not water-resistant by default, so if you want to go hiking or biking in the rain with them make sure you waterproof them beforehand. Doc Marten shoes will naturally repel some moisture, but this is never enough for extended exposure to weather conditions like that. 

It’s best to put either a spray-on treatment (make sure it says non-toxic) or buy an impregnation kit and follow instructions carefully. If you’re only concerned about spots, then pick up some Scotchgard [6]. You can spray it on and let it dry or use a hair-dryer to speed the process along (but keep in mind this may affect breathability).

Which Doc Martens are waterproof?

Light rain will be fine for the Doc Martens Chelsea Boots, but don’t go out in heavy rain or you’ll get your socks wet. The waterproof vegan Chelsea boots are composed of waterproof synthetic material.

Some Doc Martens’ shoes have an air cushion sole that is made up of rubber particles compressed together in a molding process. This means your shoe will hold its shape well while still providing shock absorbency for walking on hard surfaces because it has lots of give when you walk – but returns back into form once you stop moving. 

Therefore, if there were no stitching holding these parts together this would all just squish down flat! If you don’t want to waterproof the full boot, you can use a sealant product on your uppers (suede and leather will soak in these products) which absorbs into the fibers of each material.

The properties that make Doc Martens great for standing up against water are also what makes them not so good when it comes to preventing the rain from soaking into suede and oiled leather finishes – if your shoes do get wet then allow them plenty of time to dry before using heat such as an iron near them.

How do you make Doc Martens snow-proof?

Here is what you should do:

  • Wet the boots with a hose;
  • Let them dry in the open air for several hours, or overnight if possible;
  • Put talcum powder on your hands and rub it into the leather of both sides of each boot until they are completely covered – this will make sure that water won’t penetrate them as you wear them;
  • If there is lanolin leftover from when you first made Doc Martens waterproof, use this instead of talcum powder because it’s even better at repelling moisture than regular talc;
  • Wipe off any excess lanolin as well as the remaining residue from the original treatment;

A good waterproofing spray can be used to treat Doc Martens boots after your talcum powder or lanolin treatment has worn off. These sprays are available in most shoe shops and have been tested on Doc Martens shoes so you know that they’re 100% effective when it comes to protecting their leather from being damaged by snow and rain! 

To apply a waterproofing spray like this:

  • use an old (unused) toothbrush to rub some of it into each boot’s upper sections without any cotton fabric getting in the way;
  • make sure there is no dirt left behind either which would attract moisture during heavy rainfall;
  • spray these areas three times (one time on each side and one more time over the top) to make sure they’re covered;
  • the spray will dry in a couple of minutes, leaving your boots smelling like new again;

Tips for users: wet Doc Marten boots should never be put on a heater or dryer as this will damage them further! 

Can you wear your Doc Martens in the rain?

Yes, all Doc Martens can be worn in the rain. You just need to waterproof them first! 

Will water ruin Doc Martens?

Well, it depends on the type of Doc Martens you have. This is because Doc Martens are manufactured from different types of leathers, which have varying resistance to water.

The most resistant type of Doc Martens upper material is Vegan Leather. This has a special coating that makes it waterproof and very hard wearing, so shoes can be worn in wet conditions or washed after being worn in muddy environments without the risk of damage occurring.

Are Doc Martens comfortable?

Yes, they are.  You can wear them all day long and be fine. They are the most comfortable type of boots you could ever own!

Doc Martens come in a variety of colors and styles so there is something out there for every person’s taste. With their thick soles, it’s no wonder these boots last forever with proper care. However, if not properly maintained they will crack over time that makes it easier for water to get inside the shoe when walking outdoors or getting caught in an unexpected rain shower – ruining your favorite boots.

Are Doc Martens slip-resistant?

Yes, they are. Doc Martens have a special GripTrax outsole [7] with an oil and slip-resistant rubber compound which is perfect for wearing on different surfaces such as wet rocks or slippery roads.

Nowadays there’s a lot of waterproofing solutions that protect your boots from water damage making them even more durable. Some people prefer to re-waterproof their old shoes while others buy new ones every year because the original factory coating wore off over time due to heavy usage in bad weather conditions. 

Are Doc Martens damaged by snow?

Doc Martens boots are made out of natural and man-made materials. The shoes might be damaged by snow (ice, frost), but it’s not something that can’t be fixed with the right approach.

How long do Doc Martens last?

These Dr. Martens’ shoes are well-known for their long life and durability. You can wear the shoes for 5-7 years without worry [8]. The high-quality leather won’t come apart, and the insoles will not be damaged anytime soon.

Do Doc Martens have a lifetime warranty?

Doc Martens have a lifetime warranty on their soles and heels. This doesn’t mean that you can take them back to the store any time after six months of owning them because your sole is wearing away, it means that they will repair or replace defective material for as long as Doc Martens are still in business.

Doc Martens also states very clearly what kind of work or activity these shoes will survive before breaking down. They include wading through streams, playing sports, hiking over rough terrain, and dancing all night at an outdoor music festival. 


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