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5 Best Waterproof Mascaras

Most recommended
L Oreal Paris Make Volume Building
  • Color Waterproof Carbon Black
  • Brand LOreal Paris
  • Item Volume 8 Milliliters
A good choice too
Lash Princess False Lash Waterproof Mascara
  • Brand Essence cosmetics
  • Item Weight 0.03 Kilograms
  • Waterproof
A good choice too
Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara
  • Color VERY BLACK
  • Waterproof
Black Volumizing Smudge Proof Mascara
  • Color Black
  • Brand Elizabeth Mott
  • Waterproof
Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara
  • Waterproof Very Black

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33.33% of users selected L Oreal Paris Make Volume Building, 0.00% selected Lash Princess False Lash Waterproof Mascara, 0.00% selected Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara, 33.33% selected Black Volumizing Smudge Proof Mascara and 33.33% selected Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Waterproof mascara is a form of makeup that stands up to sweat and water. It won’t smudge or smear when you’re working out, swimming in the pool, or washing your face.Waterproof mascara is a must-have for anyone who loves to spend time outside in the water, snow, or other wet environments. Mascara can be easily removed with soap and water, but it’s not always convenient. The waterproof formula will stay on your lashes even when you are out in the rain or getting ready for a swim!

But which one should you choose? Read the expert reviews of the 5 best waterproof mascaras – find out how they work, what their pros and cons are, and get some useful tips about using them correctly.

Table of Contents

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Waterproof Mascara – the Editor’s choice!

L’Oreal’s voluminous mascara is perfect for all-day wear. Not only does this bold, volume building mascara get you up to 4x fuller lashes with intense black pigments that last all day long, but it’s also clump-resistant and waterproof!

The waterproof formula is combined with the dual flexible brush applicator to lift, bloom, curl and boost – it delivers this voluminous effect to every last lash while being clump-resistant.

Customized by your eye shape – whether large or small – the unique brush will lengthen and separate each lash for a sexy look.

  • True waterproof formula;
  • Intense black pigments;
  • Lashes become 4 times fuller;
  • Clump-resistant;

  • Too thick, according to some users;
  • Minimal differences between black colors;
  • The tube isn’t very easy to use;

This L’Oreal waterproof mascara builds bold lashes up to 4x fuller-looking and intense black pigment for a look that stands out all day.

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Waterproof Mascara – the best natural formula!

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Waterproof Mascara gives you stunning, fluttery eyes with just a few easy swipes! Our voluminous waterproof formula will have you looking glamorously done up for an entire day – no fussing required.

And don’t worry about smudges, clumps, or flakes because this lash complex is so strong that it’ll hold up to the toughest wear.

If need be, their conic shape fiber brush can help separate lashes too! It’s so easy to create natural-looking lashes without risking damage or discomfort with this cruelty-free product approved by PETA!

  • Gives the effect of false lash effects;
  • No flakes, fading;
  • The conic shape fiber brush;
  • New waterproof formula;
  • Cruelty-free and PETA-approved natural components;

  • Takes a lot of time to remove it;
  • May melt if it is too hot around;
  • May spread when applied;

You deserve to lash perfection every day without compromise. Essence volumizing mascara is like an instant lash extension providing an insanely long, fringe-fluttering effect that lasts all day – pure drama for your lids. The lightweight waterproof formula doesn’t flake, fade or wear away so you can fill in gaps throughout the day and touch up as needed.

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara – the best volume!

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara gives lashes 10 times more volume in an instant with each application. This volumizing mascara is easily the best on the market! The formula contains natural fibers that help give full, thick lashes instantly. It also lasts all day long without smudging or clumping for 24-hour wear.

Cruelty-free and easy to be removed, this waterproof formula will hold up all day long while still being easy to take off when the time comes.

  • Create the volume instantly 10 times larger;
  • Available in 4 different colors;
  • PETA-friendly;
  • Easy to separate lashes;
  • No clumping;

  • Takes a long time to dry;
  • The color may change from one item to another;
  • Too thick, according to some users;

This Lash Blast volume waterproof mascara by Covergirl is guaranteed to give you 10 times more lashes in just one coat. You can always go back for another layer or two, but give this cruelty-free formula a try first!

Elizabeth Mott It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara – the best for lash extensions!

The Elizabeth Mott It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara is your new best friend for creating big, bold lashes without the messes. Whether you’re building drama with dramatic curls, or flirting with frizz-free soft curls, this mascara will deliver on all fronts. Also, it works great on lash extensions!

This natural-looking product has tons of style to create voluminous lashes in one coat and resists clumps thanks to its flexible 360° tubing polymers; perfect for even application!

With gentle ingredients like wax formula which holds the curl gently yet securely and no animal testing whatsoever.

  • Natural wax formula;
  • Gentle on lash extensions;
  • Even application;
  • Smudge-proof formula;
  • Soft and natural look;
  • Good price point;

  • The brush is short;
  • Flakes are possible;
  • Takes some time to apply;

Elizabeth Mott cruelty-free, vegan mascara that amps up the volume and glam by coating lashes with a flexible resiliency. Get those dramatic looks you crave without fear of pesky clumps or smudges getting in the way!

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara – the best for the clump-free formula!

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara is the only product you need. This mascara features a lash doubling formula that glides on to build great-looking lashes and compliment any eye color. This smooth, clump-free formula also makes it the go-to for users who wear contact lenses.

Whether you’re looking for a more natural look or something more dramatic, the easy application will leave you staring spectacularly at yourself in no time – without clumps! Best of all, this waterproof mascara even takes off easily with just soap and water so you can have gorgeous lashes without having to worry about smudging them away hours later.

  • Easy to remove;
  • Popular brand;
  • Smooth look;
  • Clump-free formula;
  • Suitable for contact lens users;

  • Too thick according to some users;
  • May smell at first;

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara is a mascara so clear and perfect, it not only makes your lashes look great but feels comfortable enough to use daily. This chic beauty’s lash-doubling formula glides on for long-lasting volume that won’t smudge or flake off.

The Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of Waterproof Mascara:

  • Waterproof mascara is great for people who are active and like water sports. The best waterproof mascaras protect against sweat, tears, or rain without smudging or flaking off into the eyes;
  • This kind of makeup will not budge even during the most strenuous exercise routine, under hot conditions with high humidity levels, after swimming lessons at school, or by playing in a pool all day long;
  • Waterproof mascara is also a great choice for those who live in humid locations. When the air is so moisture-rich, regular makeup will not stay put and can become blotchy or smudge easily;
  • Another benefit of waterproof mascara is that it provides amazing curl to lashes that makes them look longer without using an eyelash curler. This product makes your eyes appear bigger as well; 
  • Many colors are available so you can easily find your perfect shade of mascara;
  • In addition, this type of makeup is also long-lasting and easy to apply. It’s a great choice because it doesn’t have any smudges or clumps, which are difficult to remove after applying the product to the eyes;

What’s the Difference Between Waterproof Mascara and Regular Mascara?

Premium waterproof mascara is designed to stay put on your lashes no matter how many times you cry, swim in the pool, or go for a run. If you’re looking for something that will hold up under extreme conditions but still feel natural enough to wear every day then this type of mascara is exactly what you need. 

Regular mascaras are made with water-soluble ingredients which means they can be removed more easily without chemicals and solvents needed typically used by makeup removers or oil-based cleansers recommended by dermatologists.

As an example of the difference between regular mascara and waterproof, think about how much easier it is to remove your make-up when you wash with water than when you use cleansing oil. 

However, many women find that waterproof products get less clumping, smudging, flaking, and lash fallout by using premium mascaras but still want some color enhancement without looking too heavy or unnatural. 

What’s the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant Mascara?

The FDA legally classifies mascara as an eyelash cosmetic, so there are no specific guidelines for the term “waterproof” in regards to makeup [1]. However, it does require that mascaras be water-resistant according to testing standards used by both industry and government. Water-resistant mascara is defined as having a minimum of 60 minutes resistance before smudging or flaking occurs when submerged under running water.

On the other hand, waterproof mascara has demonstrated its ability to resist tears and sweat within 15-minute tests at various intervals until running down your face. It should also withstand exposure to humidity with minimal smear effects.

Main Features:

Conditioning Ingredients:

  • Collagen and Aloe Vera help to keep lashes healthy;
  • Shea butter is also moisturizing leaving your lashes looking full of life. Prevents lash loss by strengthening the hair follicle;
  • Vitamin E nourishes while collagen builds volume for fuller-looking lashes that can boost self-confidence;
  • Biotin infuses strength into your existing lash hairs, promoting the growth of stronger and longer eyelashes over time;
  • Vitamin B12 helps to achieve healthier looking eyes by nourishing them which makes it a great choice for those who suffer from chronic dry eye syndrome or live in extremely cold climates;
  • Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants that help to protect the new growth of lashes. It also may help you maintain beautiful eyelashes by protecting them against environmental damages;


For every type of skin, the key factor to consider is whether mascara will irritate your eyelids or not. If you have sensitive eyes that are prone to redness or itchiness after using some mascaras, it may be more beneficial for you to choose water-resistant formulas instead of waterproof ones. 

This is because water-resistant formulas are usually made with a more gentle preservative system. Many women have reported that their eyes do not show any reaction to the water-resistant formula, whereas they had been suffering from irritation from other mascaras before.

Cakey Mascara or Not? 

You’ll know you have a cakey mascara when your lashes look stiff and stuck together after applying it. This occurs as a result of too much product is applied onto one lash at once, causing them to stick together instead of giving them space for separation and definition which is what we want if we were going for an intense eye makeup look! 

Therefore, be careful with how many layers you apply on top of each other so as not to get a cakey and heavy look.

Volume Or Length? 

First, choose if you want more volume or length. For example, if your lashes are naturally long and thick, but they lack shape and definition, try lengthening mascara with added fibers to separate them without adding any bulkiness

If your eyelashes don’t tend to be very full (or perhaps they’ve fallen out over time), then a volumizing formula will help restore their appearance for fuller-looking lashes that still appear natural in size.

Range of Colors

Mascaras come in a wide range of colors and types to suit every eye’s shape and preference. Some popular choices include:

  • Black. Great for overall definition, darkening lashes, or creating an intense look. The black color also works well as a base mascara if you plan on adding other coats over it later; this will help eliminate clumping (which is especially common when applying multiple mascaras). Black tends to be the most preferred choice because its versatility makes it easy to use with any makeup style or outfit. It’s important that your mascara has deep pigment — assuming you want dark eyes — which means one coat should do the trick! If not, consider trying another product next time around since too much mascara can weigh your lashes down and make them stick together;
  • Brown. The most natural colored mascara on the market, brown is a great choice if you want to add definition without looking overdone or garish. It’s also an excellent option for those with lighter hair colors because it doesn’t have as much contrast against your locks as black does. This means that people won’t notice quite so quickly when you’re wearing eye makeup! Brown can be just as intense of a pigment color as black though, which means one coat should do the trick — two coats might be necessary depending on how light or dark your shade is in comparison to your complexion. If not, consider trying another product next time around since too much mascara can weigh your lashes down and make them stick together;
  • Clear or nude. Not really a color, clear mascara is good for those who want to enhance their natural lashes without adding any pigment (or using an eyelash curler). This product works best on blonde hair colors because it won’t darken up lighter locks or weigh down your hairstyle as other products might. It can be used as both the first step of applying makeup in order to help set your style, or applied by itself if you just need something to coat your existing hairs with so they don’t look limp throughout the day. Clear has very little pigmentation which means that one layer should do the trick. However, this also makes it more likely that people will notice when you’re wearing eye makeup;

Ease of Application

Mascara is makeup’s closest cousin. It gives your lashes volume and length, so it should be applied with care. The best waterproof mascara makes applying the product easy by offering features like a bendable brush handle that allows you to easily maneuver around your face without making mistakes or wasting time. 

Ease of application also means choosing an appropriate formula for your certain needs – whether they are long-lasting or volumizing ones, stronger hold, or flexible wear – there are countless options out there! 

Long Term Use

If you plan to use a waterproof mascara long-term, then it is essential that the formula does not flake or clump. In addition, try and find a water-resistant formula that will give your lashes length without weighing them down with too much product. 

Some formulas work by leaving little fibers on the skin when they dry in order to make them feel fuller looking but this can often result in the lashes feeling stiffer than desired after time has passed. Those who wear contact lenses should also pay close attention because mascaras tend to leave behind dark smudges under the eyes that are very noticeable for those wearing glasses.  

Easy To Clean

The benefit of easy-to-clean mascaras is that you can easily remove them without much effort. You can use makeup remover, oil, or water for this purpose. Make sure the mascara has a smooth finish before putting it on your eyelashes because if there are any clumps then they will not come out very well even after using soap and warm water. 

The mascara should dry quickly and stay put on your eyelashes for at least eight hours. If it is not waterproof, you can also use a good eye makeup remover in order to easily take off the non-waterproof mascaras from your eyes. You may need to repeat this process several times before completely taking out all traces of the mascara from your lashes. 

Top brands

Maybelline New York is one of the most popular brands for mascaras, and its product range includes several waterproof variants. They are great choices because they’re easy to apply and remove without causing any problems. 

Maybelline mascaras are available in two variants – regular and waterproof. They have the same long-lasting formula, but they don’t clump or flake when applied properly. 

The only difference is that the latter type has additional ingredients to make it completely smudge-proof (the product description specifies this). It doesn’t melt under high temperatures either, so you can use any of these mascaras if your daily activities include contact with water (e.g., swimming) without compromising on quality or comfortability.

The brand offers various formulas for their products: extra volume, length, curl

Each variant promises something special while keeping its conditioners safe inside a thick waterproof shell; no matter which one you choose – Maybelline will not disappoint, and it’s safe to say that each of their mascaras is worth your hard-earned money [2].

Other great brands that offer high-quality waterproof mascaras:

  • L’Oreal Paris;
  • Essence;
  • Covergirl;
  • Elizabeth Mott;

How to Apply Waterproof Mascara:

  1. Wash your face, remove any makeup and pamper yourself with a soothing facial mask.
  2. Apply eyeliner if you want to create dramatic looks. For everyday use, apply only eyeliner on the upper lid. Curl lashes before applying mascara (use an eyelash curler). If you wear contact lenses, make sure that they are removed beforehand – when wearing contacts it is hard to keep eyes open without blinking for too long;
  3. Don’t forget about false lashes: check out our blog post on how to apply them easily;
  4. When done with all these steps (or even half of them), gently put down lower lashes with fingers or the backside of the brush in order not to smudge any product underneath your eyes. By doing  so, you will avoid looking like a panda in the middle of your day;
  5. Now it is time for mascara. Start applying from the roots to tips – this way product won’t smudge and clump up when applied closer to eyelashes’ ends (which happens often if mascaras are not waterproof). Make sure that all lashes get covered evenly. Otherwise, some may stick together or look “spider-like”;
  6. Also make sure that no eyeshadow falls on the under-eye area while doing so because even though your fingers were clean by now, there could be makeup particles still stuck between them. They might seem invisible to you but could easily create unattractive black spots later when mixed with excess oils on the skin;

Waterproof Mascara Tips:

  • Always make sure you wait until the first application has dried completely before applying another coat! This can prevent clumping and smudge from happening too early on in the day;
  • To speed up drying time between coats, use an oil-blotting sheet around your eye area (or even place one directly on top of lashes) – this removes excess oils that can interfere with longevity throughout the day;
  • The best way to avoid clumping is by applying the product from root to tip – this also helps give lashes a more natural appearance rather than spider leg-like;
  • If you do want to go for that intense, dramatic eye makeup look then it’s best if you apply one or two layers of mascara first before applying false lashes on top. This way your eyelashes will have time to dry out between coats which should prevent them from sticking together;

How to Remove Waterproof and Water-Resistant Mascara?

If you want to be on the safe side, use a waterproof makeup remover before applying mascara. This will remove every trace of your regular mascara and allow for easier application of the new waterproof one.

Liquid or oil-based cleansers are both good at removing water-resistant mascaras while also not irritating your eyes too much (which is really important if you’re using them in this sensitive area). Oil cleansing may sound counterintuitive because we know that oils can clog pores but they don’t when used correctly. 

And as long as you follow it up with another cleanse, there won’t be any issues! Just dab some onto a cotton pad and swipe away until all traces of eye makeup have gone. If you do wear contact lenses, however, it’s probably best to avoid any oil cleansers because the residue can stick around and irritate your eyes.

After that, you’ll be ready to apply the waterproof formula without worrying about clumping lashes together or other common pitfalls.

Indicators to Consider When Choosing Waterproof Mascara

Choosing the right waterproof mascara can be challenging with the plethora of options available in the market. To assist you in making an informed decision, this table outlines various indicators to consider when selecting a waterproof mascara. These indicators include formula type, smudge resistance, water resistance, volume, and ease of removal.

Indicator Description
Formula Type The type of formula used in the mascara, such as gel, fiber, water-based, or oil-based.
Smudge Resistance The level of resistance the mascara offers against smudging.
Water Resistance The level of resistance the mascara offers against water and moisture.
Volume The mascara’s ability to provide volume and thickness to the lashes.
Ease of Removal How easily the mascara can be removed, either with regular makeup remover or specialized formulas.

Explanation of the table:

  1. Formula Type: This indicator highlights the different types of formulas used in waterproof mascaras, such as gel, fiber, water-based, or oil-based. Each formula type may have unique characteristics and performance.
  2. Smudge Resistance: This indicator focuses on the mascara’s ability to resist smudging throughout the day. A high smudge resistance means the mascara is less likely to smudge, providing longer-lasting wear.
  3. Water Resistance: This indicator measures the mascara’s ability to withstand water and moisture. A high water resistance ensures that the mascara remains intact even when exposed to water, tears, or humidity.
  4. Volume: This indicator signifies the mascara’s ability to add volume and thickness to the lashes, creating a fuller and more dramatic effect. Mascara with high volume potential can enhance the appearance of lashes.
  5. Ease of Removal: This indicator assesses how easily the mascara can be removed, either with regular makeup remover or specialized formulas. An easy removal process can prevent excessive rubbing or damage to the lashes.

Considering these indicators will help you evaluate different waterproof mascaras based on their formula type, resistance to smudging and water, volume-enhancing capabilities, and ease of removal. Ultimately, you can select the mascara that aligns with your preferences and requirements.


How do you know if your mascara is waterproof?

Waterproof mascara will have a “waterproof” or “sweat-proof” label on the tube.

No, it’s not enough to simply read the ingredients list and look for water resistance claims such as “water-resistant”, “24HR wear”, etc. If you want a truly long-lasting product pay attention to its durability when exposed to water – if it stays flawless after being rubbed hard with fingers then that’s an important sign of high quality.

In general, mascaras can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Water-resistant products stay perfect in rain but may smudge during swimming pool activities; 
  • Being completely waterproof they’re great for swimmers but don’t expect them to stay fresh under running down your face from crying;

However, waterproof mascara is not a perfect solution for swimmers because it will start to peel off when exposed to chlorine and other chemicals in swimming pool water. The best idea would be to use a separate product specifically designed for this purpose.

Is it ok to wear waterproof mascara every day?

It is ok to wear waterproof mascara every day, but it depends on your skin type and the product you use. Some people might think that a daily application can lead to black spots or irritate eyes that are both not true at all if applied correctly.  It is true that it can irritate your eyes but you should avoid rubbing them with the brush if this happens.

Waterproof mascara is perfect for all types of activities like sports, swimming, and working out in general because of the long-lasting effect that makes it suitable also for oily skin type people. 

Is waterproof mascara bad for you?

It is not necessarily bad for you, but it does require some extra care to make sure that the product doesn’t irritate your eyes. If there are any allergies or sensitive areas on your face (for example, around the eyes), test out a sample of the mascara first before buying and using it every day. 

Is it true that waterproof mascara is not good for your lashes? This myth has been around since the 1980s, but there are no studies or evidence to prove that waterproof mascaras have any more negative effects on eyelashes than regular mascaras

In fact, many dermatologists recommend using a separate eye makeup remover when taking off waterproof mascara in order to avoid accidentally tugging at sensitive areas around the eyes which can cause irritation and make them look worse over time. Also, consider using a conditioning primer and be very careful when removing your waterproof mascara [3]

You should also know how you’re going to remove your makeup before applying it. Waterproof formulas will require an oil-based product (like coconut oil) rather than soap and water alone because they do not break down quickly in water like regular formulations. 

Is waterproof mascara better for curling lashes?

 Waterproof mascara is great for curling lashes. The waterproof formula makes the eyelashes more pliable and easier to curl, which can also help increase length. When applying it along with a lash curler, you don’t even need an eyelash curler! 

Why does your mascara keep smudging under your eyes?

One of the most common questions about waterproof mascara is how to avoid smudging. The simple answer would be that there are no magical products but it’s not completely true either! For example, if you want to pick a long-lasting formula then go for brands like Loreal or Maybelline that are both proven as top picks in terms of resistance and safety. 

Another way to improve your chances at avoiding smudges with your waterproof mascara is actually by choosing an applicator brush instead of the traditional wand style. 

Applicator brushes tend to give much better results when applying this type of product because they can reach all lashes without clumps forming under them due to too much heat produced around the eye area thanks also largely thanks to their smaller size.

Is waterproof mascara cry-proof?

Waterproof mascara is great for those who have an active lifestyle or spend a lot of time outdoors. However, it can be hard to remove waterproof makeup and this isn’t always practical in every setting. Waterproof mascara should not be confused with cry-proof which refers to mascaras that resist tears caused by crying. These products are available but do not use the same technology as waterproof options.  

Why is waterproof mascara bad for the lash lift?

You may wear mascara with your lash lift. Just keep in mind not to use any kind of waterproof mascara since they all include some type of castor oil base. To preserve the length of your lash extensions, use a water-based or mineral mascara with natural fibers [4].

What’s the best way to remove waterproof mascara?

There are different ways to remove waterproof mascara, but the easiest way is probably by using an oil-based makeup remover. Oil-based cleansers break down water-resistant products easily, so if you’re in a rush or just too tired after a long day at work, this might be the best option for you! Another good idea is to use eye drops with saline solution. 

If neither of these options works, try using baby oil. It breaks down waterproof products much easier than other oils do! 

What are the worst waterproof mascaras?

The worst waterproof mascaras are those that can flake and smudge, leaving dark circles under your eyes. In addition to the product reviews in this article, make sure you read other people’s comments online about a particular mascara before purchasing it. 

What mascara does Kim Kardashian use?

Kim Kardashian thinks L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black is the “perfect shade” – and has been for years for her. Kim thinks that it is perfect for an everyday look or you can layer on multiple coats if you want to achieve a more dramatic look [5].

What can you use instead of waterproof mascara?

If you can’t find a waterproof mascara, try using a lengthening mascara as the base of your eyelashes. After it dries, apply a waterproof formula on top. This will help move water away from your eyes and keep them open at all times without having to worry about smudges or raccoon eyes!  

Is there a way to make waterproof mascara not waterproof?

No, the only way to make it not waterproof is to stop wearing it altogether. Waterproof mascaras are specifically designed with ingredients like beeswax and carnauba wax that help create a barrier between your skin and eyelashes. Removing this barrier can allow water or sweat in; thus ruining your mascara completely. 

How can you make your mascara waterproof?

To make your regular mascara into a water-resistant one, there are several ways:

  • You could use a special kind of spray on top of it before applying. Look up “Waterproof Mascara Spray” for specific product recommendations. Alternatively, many people like using hairspray (but check first to see if this will irritate your eyes);
  • Another option is to apply another layer of normal mascara after the first dries – however, some say this actually isn’t very effective at all;
  • Instead, you can use a special waterproof mascara in the first place. There are many products available in stores or online;

Can I wear waterproof mascara while swimming?

Yes, waterproof mascara is designed to resist water and can be worn while swimming without smudging or running.

Does waterproof mascara smudge or flake throughout the day?

Waterproof mascara is formulated to be smudge-proof and resistant to flaking, providing long-lasting wear even in humid conditions.

Does waterproof mascara require a special makeup remover?

Yes, due to its water-resistant properties, waterproof mascara can be more challenging to remove. It is recommended to use a specialized waterproof makeup remover or a gentle oil-based cleanser for effective removal.

Is waterproof mascara suitable for people with sensitive eyes?

While waterproof mascaras are generally safe for most individuals, those with sensitive eyes may experience irritation due to the stronger formulas. It is advisable to test a small patch of the product before applying it to the entire eye area.

Can I achieve voluminous lashes with waterproof mascara?

Yes, many waterproof mascaras are designed to provide volume and thickness to the lashes, allowing you to achieve a fuller lash look while enjoying the benefits of water resistance.

Can I use waterproof mascara on my lower lashes?

Absolutely! Waterproof mascara is suitable for use on both upper and lower lashes, offering smudge-proof wear throughout the day.

Will waterproof mascara hold a curl in my lashes?

Yes, waterproof mascara can help maintain the curl in your lashes for a longer duration compared to regular mascara. Its water-resistant formula helps prevent the lashes from losing their shape.

Can I wear waterproof mascara during rainy or humid weather?

Yes, waterproof mascara is an excellent choice for rainy or humid weather conditions as it resists moisture, helping to prevent smudging or running.

Can I apply multiple coats of waterproof mascara?

Yes, you can layer multiple coats of waterproof mascara to achieve your desired lash volume and intensity. However, make sure to allow each coat to dry before applying the next.

Is waterproof mascara suitable for contact lens wearers?

Yes, waterproof mascara can be safely used by contact lens wearers. However, it is essential to be cautious while applying and removing the mascara to prevent any contact with the lenses.

Useful Video:Top 5 Waterproof Mascaras

Final thoughts

There are many waterproof mascara brands out there, but it can be hard to know which one is right for you. The guide contains reviews of the 5 best mascaras on the market today, including their pros and cons as well as some tips about how to use them correctly. Use this information before making your next purchase so that you find a product that will last all day long no matter what environment you’re in!


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