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5 Best Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Most recommended
Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights
  • Brand Blufree
  • Color White
  • Item Weight 339 Grams
A good choice too
COWIN Swimmer IPX7 Floating Waterproof
  • Brand Cowin
  • Color Green
  • Power Source AC & Battery
A good choice too
Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Shower Radio
  • Brand HB
  • Color Original Version
  • Item Weight 187 Grams
Skywin Hot Tub Speakers and Speakerphone
  • Brand Skywin
  • Outdoor, Indoor
  • 5 Watts
Poolmaster 54504 Portable Floating
  • Brand Poolmaster
  • Color Multicolor
  • Battery Powered

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

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25.00% of users selected Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights, 25.00% selected COWIN Swimmer IPX7 Floating Waterproof, 0.00% selected Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Shower Radio, 0.00% selected Skywin Hot Tub Speakers and Speakerphone and 50.00% selected Poolmaster 54504 Portable Floating. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a type of wireless audio device that can be used in water. The best ones are submersible to some degree and float, making them perfect for use by the pool or during other outdoor activities like kayaking or rafting.

What is the best floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker? That’s a question that many people ask themselves when they are in search of an accessory for their pool, lake, or beach. There are so many different brands and models out there to choose from! If you find yourself asking this question too often, experts have compiled a list of the most popular floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers and what each has to offer.

Table of Contents

Blufree Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights – the Editor’s choice!

Blufree portable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for connecting to any Bluetooth device up to 15 feet away. The weather-resistant casing is ideal for use in indoor and outdoor settings. But the true beauty of Blufree lies beneath its sleek exterior or colorful LED lights pulsating with your favorite music, where you’ll find crystal clear stereo sound.

The built-in mic lets you answer phone calls hands-free, while multi-colorful LED light modes offer a dance party atmosphere wherever life takes you!

  • Portable;
  • IPX7 rating;
  • Includes a microphone;
  • 50 feet range;
  • Colorful LED lights;
  • 7 different light modes;
  • Good price point;
  • Can make calls;

  • Submersion may interact with playback;
  • The battery life is low;
  • Connectivity issues are possible;

Blufree Bluetooth speakers are great for indoor and outdoor use, come with a built-in mic, crystal clear stereo sound wireless 50ft range, colorful led lights for parties, 7 modes of light. All you have to do is make sure the speaker has connected up to 15 feet away from your phone or mp3 player.

GAME 4312 Speaker & Underwater Show Pool Speaker – the best for pool parties!

Bring a little bit of that 1970’s feeling into your day with the GAME 4312 Speaker. This speaker creates lights based on the sounds from any Bluetooth-compatible device up to 10 feet away, meaning there is no limit as to what you can do! The disco lights automatically change depending on the beat and style of music.

It’s constructed from durable materials that withstand bumps and drops so you never have to worry about broken pieces again when it is time to pack up for another show.

And unlike other speakers on the market, GAME 4312 has lights built in – synchronized brilliantly with your music making it an awesome addition to your next party or sound experience! The light show is unbelievably beautiful and filled with colors so bright & vivid.

  • Great for pool parties;
  • Shimmering disco lights;
  • Rugged;
  • The lights can be turned off;
  • Bluetooth 4.0 tech;
  • Lightshow syncs with music;
  • The range of LED lights is up to 20 feet;

  • Can last only up to 6 hours;
  • May occasionally produce beeping sounds;
  • Smaller than claimed;

GAME 4312 is a Bluetooth pool speaker. Pool speakers are perfect summer entertainment for a backyard party by the pool. You can enjoy your favorite tunes and see them all at once with this cool-looking pool centerpiece! Using advanced wireless technology to make setup easy, GAME 4312 connects wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device in just seconds.

HB Illumination Shower Radio Portable Bluetooth Speaker – the best for the shower!

Sometimes, you want to listen to your favorite tunes while taking a hot shower. With the smart HB Illumination Shower Radio Portable Bluetooth Speaker, you can take advantage of this happy accident.

Adding portability with its rugged dust- and shockproof design, easy usability thanks to its great connectivity, the ability to make hands-free phone calls without having to touch your phone, and – best all-around – its IPX7 waterproof rating for up to 30 minutes in few feet of water, the HB Illumination Shower Radio is perfect for any mood or setting!

  • Designed specifically for shower;
  • IPX7 waterproof rating;
  • Rugged;
  • Easy to control;
  • Dust- and shockproof design;
  • The removable suction cup;

  • The charging port is flimsy;
  • Low battery life – about 1 hour;
  • The sound quality is average;
  • Not recommended for outdoor use;

The HB Illumination Bluetooth Speaker is compact and durable, and it has rugged dust and shockproof design. It is the perfect indoor accessory or an addition to your bathroom decor. You must experience this shower speaker for yourself!

Skywin Hot Tub Speaker & Pool Lights – the best for hot tubs!

Turn your hot tub into an entertainment center. The Skywin Hot Tub Speaker & Pool Lights are the perfect addition to your jets and lights for a custom relaxation experience. With these, you can truly transform any pool time with the music – whether you’re swimming laps, floating on a noodle, or playing with friends and family.

You’ll also find that they come in handy during those cloudy days when the sunlight is scarce, brightening up your backyard like never before! This wireless speaker effortlessly connects via Bluetooth to ensure both quality sound and low battery drain even last through hours of playtime.

Furthermore, it’s weather-resistant so you don’t have to worry about life beating down on it mercilessly all day long (or night).

  • Large;
  • Can withstand hot temperatures;
  • Good for hot tubs;
  • Great pool lights;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Wireless connectivity to 65 feet;
  • Long battery life – up to 5 hours per single charge;

  • Heavy;
  • Average sound quality;
  • Resembles a toy by design;
  • Not enough bass;

You don’t have to stumble blindly into the pool or hot tub with these lights and speaker combo. Turn it on before you dive in, and they’ll illuminate your nighttime swimming experience for up to five hours at a time! Make sure your yard has installed speakers, or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to an existing system.

Poolmaster 54504 Multi-Light Speaker – the best for the battery life!

The Poolmaster 54504 Multi-Light Speaker is ideal for late-night pool parties. Weighing just 1.5 pounds, the speaker rotates to produce colorful, mesmerizing light shows that can be seen both in and out of the water.

The mic allows you to answer calls while floating around the pool or enjoying cocktails on an inflatable raft near the bottom of your makeshift man-made waterfall.

Being rechargeable for up to 10 hours, this summer sensation meets all your entertainment needs whether it’s early morning yoga by candlelight or watching wildlife through a kaleidoscope of patterns at sunset with family and friends.

  • Lightweight ABS shell;
  • The light show with rotating RGB;
  • Includes a mic to make calls;
  • Great battery life up to 10 hours;

  • Takes a long time to charge;
  • Heavy;

If you’re tired of having to yell over the sound of your music, it’s finally time for an upgrade. This stylish Poolmaster multi-light speaker is perfect for taking calls with its built-in mic and boasts up to 10 hours of battery life!

The Buyer’s Guide

What Are Outdoor Floating Bluetooth Pool Speakers?

The difference between floatable and waterproof speakers is that the first can be used both underwater and on land, while the second is designed to only be submerged in water. However, some models come with a special design for floating on water- allowing you to use them as aquatic outdoor Bluetooth speakers! 

The outdoor floating Bluetooth speakers are specifically designed to be convenient and durable for people who want to listen to their favorite music at the pool or beach. They also have a special design that allows them to float on water, so they can easily stand up against strong waves without sinking- allowing you to enjoy your music from anywhere in the pool! 

Where Are They Most Usable?

Most of these speakers are designed to be used on a boat, near the pool, on a kayak, or SUP board. One waterproof speaker works underwater so you can listen underwater! But most people use them in and around their outdoor pools with floating accessories like docks, lily pads, and lake toys. 

Waterproof vs Water-Resistant

Waterproof speakers are completely “splash-proof” but not necessarily fully submerged in water. They’re usually designed to float on top of the water, making them more suitable for pool parties or boat rides. 

Water-resistant speakers will survive short exposure to light rain and splashes, but should still be kept away from pools and hot tubs as they aren’t built for prolonged underwater use.

Pool Speaker vs Floating Pool Speaker

A pool speaker is built to be installed in the water, while a floating pool speaker floats on top of it. A good Bluetooth pool speaker will handle being partially submerged, but it can also work very well when fully submerged or even lying face down at the bottom of your swimming pool! 

The single most important factor in choosing a floating speaker is your pool’s water level. 

The higher the water rises, the more likely it will damage or even submerge any electronic device. If you are able to mount speakers on the decking around your swimming pool then this can be another way of protecting them from being submerged by accident while still providing decent audio quality! 

Main Features:

IPX Waterproof Rating

The IPX waterproof rating is a standard developed by the International Electronical Commission to specify how resistant a product or device is to water [1]. The scales range from 0 (no protection) up to eight, which means total protection against dust and complete resistance to any type of liquid.

For example: when you see an MP-rated speaker it’s capable of being immersed in one meter deep water for 30 minutes without suffering any damage at all! 

This doesn’t mean that they can be submerged indefinitely though so don’t try this out if your speaker isn’t rated – you might just end up with dead Bluetooth speakers!

As well as looking at IPX ratings also take into account whether each model floats on its own but even if they do not, there are usually external accessories or cases available to make them.

It’s worth noting that a higher IPX rating does mean more protection but it also means greater restrictions on speaker design and usage. This is because water needs somewhere to go as if trapped inside for too long can cause corrosion of internal components so some speakers have been designed with this in mind – typically those from UE whose models such as the Wonderboom have an open base which allows any excess liquid run out easily!

For example, boomboxes/shower speakers are Bluetooth speakers that are specifically made to be used both outside and inside your shower area without being damaged all while delivering powerful music playback at high volume levels over Bluetooth. They’ve got a waterproof rating of IPX-0 so they’re not designed to be submerged and should never be used as such.

Typically, these speakers offer the best sound quality for those wishing to listen in their shower or bathroom area but come with a few caveats: 

  • Since they don’t float it’s important that you know where your speaker is at all times – either fixed somewhere permanent like on a shelf or placed upside down on top of something (so water can run out freely). If possible avoid mounting them near power sockets too;
  • Since there’s no battery inside most models experts recommend using an external USB charger if running off mains power isn’t an option. There are some exceptions though such as UE who make both Bluetooth and wired versions which do have batteries included;
  • These speakers are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors – not underwater! So while some models like the UE Wonderboom[2] can float on the water they’re actually made of fabric that is designed to absorb liquid;
  • If you try dropping them into a pool or lake then that’s your own fault if anything goes wrong so just remember it’s always better being safe than sorry when using any speaker around water even though their IPX rating states otherwise;

Suitability for Different Settings

Many people like to use their Bluetooth waterproof speakers at home. That is fine, but many casual settings outside the house where it would be nice to have music or sound.  Some of these settings include:

  • On the porch or patio of your home;
  • At a picnic table at a park, beach, etc.;
  • In any sort of pool area within reach of a power outlet and where you might want to listen to some melodic sounds as you chill out by the water;
  • In each one of these cases except for being in the pool itself – which may not be allowed depending on local laws – there is no reason why anyone with an appropriate speaker can’t bring it along and enjoy music from their phone as they relax around bodies of water outside their house. It’s also great if this set includes another person who does not have such a Bluetooth waterproof speaker because now they can plug into yours too;

These are just a few of so many different settings where top choices for the best floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers would come in handy. There are others, but these should give you an idea of why it is a good idea to have one outside your house at times too. 


Bluetooth connection is the primary concern when choosing a floating Bluetooth speaker. It should connect to your device easily and quickly, not draining down its battery as it works. The sound coming from the speakers should be crisp with no static or other noises that can interfere or distract you while listening to music or watching videos on your phone. 

The speaker should also be able to pair with other devices without needing you to reset or input codes. This would allow your friends and family members who have Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops, to seamlessly connect the floating speakers over Wi-Fi networks in order to maximize their music listening experiences.    

Most speakers also come with a standard auxiliary (AUX) cable that will allow you to connect any non-Bluetooth device to it, which is perfect for when you forgot to charge up your Bluetooth speaker before heading out of the home. However, make sure the AUX port supports audio input if necessary. If not — consider getting an adapter.

To make your floating Bluetooth speaker truly portable, it should also come with a built-in microphone that allows you to answer or talk on the phone hands-free. This is particularly nice if you are using your smartphone at the same time while listening to music that can be dangerous when driving for example. 

The best Bluetooth speakers of this type allow you to pair two devices simultaneously so that either one (or both) can access its wireless network and play music through them whenever they want without interrupting each other’s playing sessions.   

Bluetooth Connection Range

The Bluetooth connection range is about 30 feet (about 10 meters) in the open air. If you are planning to use your floating speakers outside, make sure the Bluetooth connection will work at that distance or beyond.  If you are planning to use your floating speakers inside, consider the size of the room and if there will be any obstacles in between.

Appearance and Design

You want something that can look nice enough for it to double as decoration when you’re not listening to music! There is one main design – most people think these products must float upright. It means they have an open-top so you can easily access your device’s buttons (like Bluetooth pairing) without having any kind of cover over those areas – this would make it impossible for the product itself to stay afloat if there was anything blocking its ability to enclose air within its own body.

Different designs of floating Bluetooth speakers are:

  • A cylinder or tube, which is truly the most versatile and easiest to use: floats upright with no problem. This type also has a smaller footprint than other models so you can place them in more places if desired. They’re especially useful for poolside use because they don’t take up much space at all when not playing music. Some slight variations on this design include speakers that have mostly an enclosed area except for one hole where your Bluetooth speaker buttons are accessible; some may be entirely covered but still stay afloat due to their ability to enclose air within itself (so there’s actually enough buoyancy);
  • The “water-drop” shape looks nice and it resembles fish gills – like what we imagine whales would look like underwater. 
  • You can also find speakers which are not cylinders but have a more triangle-like shape. They tend to be larger than other models so they’re less portable, but it is still possible for them to float upright. The top of the speaker has an opening where you’ll access your device’s buttons – this area opens up like petals on a flower or clamshell! Some may even resemble fish with fins sticking out from all directions (they look pretty cool);
  • There are some floating Bluetooth speakers that don’t stay afloat at all when there isn’t anything weighing them down underneath water due to their design: these ones either cannot enclose air within themselves or remain flat enough on the bottom surface in order to keep themselves afloat (like a boat);

Some other designs include: 

  • A ball, where the top of it has an opening for your device’s buttons. The bottom is flat and weighted down so that this speaker stays in one spot when placed on the water. You’ll find these ones don’t float at all if not weighted down because they’re mostly spherical like Earth. This design will stay afloat but may require some kind of anchor to keep itself from spinning around or floating away horizontally! 
  • Some variations have little legs sticking out from underneath, which allows them to stand up while still staying afloat – perfect for poolside use with no anchoring necessary. These models also look pretty cool as decoration because you can get spheres shaped like oranges and grapefruits, or even watermelon;
  • Another type has little legs sticking out from the bottom, but the design is more like an “X” than anything else. It can stand on its own and requires no anchoring for it to stay afloat; however, you may need some kind of anchor if this one spins around or floats away horizontally (because there’s nothing weighing it down underneath); 

The most common appearance and designs are cylinder/tube with open top where your device buttons are accessible along with a flat base so that air can be enclosed within itself in order to keep floating upright. 

Ease of Use

The best floating Bluetooth speaker is easy to use. Most of these products are “dumb” speakers, which means you can’t change their equalizer settings like the ones with built-in displays would allow. With that said, some models will be equipped with buttons on top so you can adjust volume and skip songs without needing another device (like your phone) around for this purpose. 

The Build and Durability

Floating speakers are such a common thing in outdoor water sports and activities, but not all of them offer the same quality. The best floating Bluetooth speaker will be able to withstand moisture and dust with ease while also looking good on your boat or boat dock. 

When you are looking to find the best floating Bluetooth speaker it is important that you don’t just look at the quality of sound, but also how much these speakers can handle. There’s nothing worse than breaking your favorite water sports speaker so be sure to ask yourself if this speaker will hold up well against rough activity and weather conditions?

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Bluetooth speakers is crucial. However, don’t expect much from these tiny devices because they can’t produce high-quality audio like expensive stereo systems or docking stations for iPods and iPhones. The best floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers are designed to play background music while you’re relaxing in your pool or hot tub with friends on a sunny afternoon. They will be loud enough to hear over splashing water but won’t provide great acoustics as large outdoor weatherproof speakers do. 

Making Calls

There are two main uses for these speakers:

  • The first is using it as a speakerphone with your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device. This works great because the sound quality of most waterproof Bluetooth speakers is very good and can be used for conference calls between friends or family members;
  • Most of the speakers have a built-in microphone, but some require you to make phone calls on your smartphone;

Every Bluetooth speaker has a different way for how it connects and makes/receives calls. Some connect as soon as they are powered up while others need to be paired from the device settings first. Most waterproof Bluetooth speakers will not pair with devices that do not support AptX or AAC codecs (for high-quality audio).


Some people want a speaker they can take to the beach, while others just need one for their shower. There’s no single answer to this question because there are so many weights and sizes of Bluetooth speakers out today. In general, though, you should be able to find something light enough for your backpack or large enough so it won’t get lost in your bathroom cabinet. 

The best floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers are perfectly suited for any sports activity – from hiking to kayaking. They’re lightweight and compact enough to fit right into your bag or even attach it on the outside using a karabiner clip. If you don’t want them dangling around while hanging off of other gear then just keep them in their protective cases until you need them.

If portability isn’t an issue because they’ll always stay inside, then feel free to get something larger that can produce louder sound with deeper bass tones than smaller models will allow. And if this is going to be used strictly indoors – say by your bathtub – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go all out buying one of the largest speaker systems available today.

As a general rule, though, you should make sure to get something that’s going to be able to fit the space it’ll occupy. You also might want to take into account things like weight and how far away from an outlet, they can go before needing recharging. 

If the size is truly important then just think about what your needs are before making any kind of final decisions. The best floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers have come down in price considerably over the years so there’s no reason why not every room shouldn’t have one by now! 

The Battery Life

It is important that the battery life of a floating Bluetooth speaker does not drain too fast when paired for extended periods of time. It may depend on whether you are using it indoors or outdoors but, generally speaking, if it can last up to 14 hours playing at 70% volume level then this is considered truly long-lasting especially because so many portable wireless Bluetooth speakers nowadays fail after just four hours despite boasting about their high capacities. 

A common concern with wireless speakers is whether they can last for hours without charge and still provide quality sound output – fortunately, this type of Bluetooth speaker has proven its worth as even if the battery life runs out after 4-5 hours. 

There are usually ports where users can plug in an external source such as a power bank so that they do not miss any important moments while outdoors. 

The Controls

The controls on the speaker are pretty basic, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. On most speakers of this style or technology, there is usually just an “ON/OFF” button and maybe volume buttons to control how loud you want it to go. There aren’t any special features like track skipping or playlists which can be nice when having your music at home. 

However, if you’re looking for something more simple then these should work well! The USB charging port comes in handy as well because let’s face it – sometimes you may forget the chargers from time to time. These floating Bluetooth speakers make sure that won’t happen again with their power source built-in! 


The price range of the floating Bluetooth speakers varies from $50 to more than $500. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive option, check out the JBL Charge. An on-the-go speaker has great sound quality and is waterproof up to three feet. These speakers offer the same functionality as the more expensive options but with some limitations such as not being completely submersible so they will only float if submerged just under the surface of your pool water.

If spending around $100-$200 then there are plenty of choices that will provide a better audio experience.  

How Do Floating Speakers Work?

Floating speakers work the same as any other Bluetooth speaker – they connect to your device via Bluetooth and stream music. Floating speakers are better than others because of the buoyancy that allows them to float on top of the water instead of sinking as most do.

This is how you should set up floating Bluetooth speakers:

  • Turn off power before you get in the pool.  Then turn on and connect your Bluetooth device to your speaker. If there is no “ON/OFF” button, simply flip it over; this should shut down all of the speakers’ components that may be left powered up if flipped back while still plugged into a socket or charging. You don’t want to electrocute yourself;
  • Make sure you’re within the range of your Bluetooth device and speaker, typically no more than 30 feet away;
  • If it’s underwater, place it in a spot where there is little to no current or waves so that sound quality doesn’t get distorted by moving water;
  • Since most floating speakers are not completely waterproof (usually up to 3 feet), make sure nothing can damage them such as direct sunlight and heat or harsh chemicals like chlorine which could cause deterioration in materials overtime if left in contact with the speaker for too long without rinsing off after each use;

Also, keep in mind: some floating speakers may come with suction cups attached; we recommend removing these before getting into the pool because they won’t hold up against the water pressure.

Basic troubleshooting:

  • If you can’t connect your speaker wirelessly for some reason (for example, if your phone is not Bluetooth enabled) or it’s taking longer than usual to pair with a device — go into settings and forget all previously saved connections. Resetting this information should allow pairing again within seconds. Just press and hold both buttons until “Bluetooth” flashes on the screen and release only when the LED light starts flashing quickly after two short vibrations/beeps;
  • Then take a few steps back from the speaker since that means the connection was lost. You’ll now need to reconnect yourself by pressing the Play button on the speaker and then tapping Connect on your phone or tablet again;

Comparison of Indicators for Choosing Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

When choosing a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, it’s important to consider various indicators to ensure you get a device that meets your needs. The following table compares key indicators that can help you make an informed decision:

Indicator Description
IPX Rating The IPX rating indicates the level of water resistance. Higher ratings offer better protection against water and moisture. Common IPX ratings include IPX4 (splash-resistant), IPX5 (water-resistant), and IPX7 (submersible).
Battery Life The battery life indicates how long the speaker can operate on a single charge. Longer battery life allows for extended use without recharging.
Sound Quality The sound quality determines the clarity, depth, and overall audio performance of the speaker. Look for speakers with good frequency response, balanced sound, and minimal distortion.
Bluetooth Range The Bluetooth range indicates the maximum distance between the speaker and the connected device. A longer range allows for more flexibility in speaker placement.
Portability Portability refers to the size, weight, and design of the speaker. Consider your usage scenarios and whether you need a compact and lightweight speaker for on-the-go use.
Additional Features Additional features may include built-in microphone for hands-free calls, NFC pairing, voice assistant integration, EQ settings, and compatibility with virtual assistants like Siri or Google Assistant.
Price Price is an important factor to consider, and it often varies based on the brand, features, and overall quality of the speaker. Set a budget that aligns with your requirements.

The table provides an overview of important indicators for choosing waterproof Bluetooth speakers. By comparing these indicators, you can prioritize the features that matter most to you and make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.


What is the best floating speaker?

There is no such thing as the best floating speaker. There are only speakers that better suit your needs and preferences than others. Most people like to use wireless waterproof speakers because they don’t want any cables around, but there’s also one option that uses a wired connection between the phone/device and the Bluetooth speaker – this is called “waterproofed”.

Can waterproof speakers go in the pool?

Yes, most speakers are water-resistant. If you aren’t sure if your speaker is waterproof or just water-resistant, check the instruction manual or contact customer service for more information. 

If you want to go in the pool with your speaker, it is recommended that you get a floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you don’t have to worry about dropping and shattering your expensive gadget.

Some speakers float on their own while others come with buoyant accessories. There are also some models that can be attached to inflatable rings for non-stop fun in and out of the water

Do JBL waterproof speakers float?

According to JBL’s website [3], the following waterproof speakers float Charge, Flip, Pulse, and Sport. However, this is based on a subjective scale of whether or not they can withstand being submerged in water for a certain amount of time without sustaining damage. It should be noted that these products are able to handle at least one meter of depth but it isn’t necessarily guaranteed that they will continue to float after several minutes have passed underwater.

Do Soundcore speakers float?

There are only certain Soundcore speakers that float, but these can be found by looking at the description for each model. The floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker floats in fresh or saltwater and has a submersible IPX-rated design with an internal microphone system. This means it is fully enclosed to protect your device from rain, splashes, spills (even when you drop it), mud puddles (after an off-road adventure), and more while still allowing full access to all of its functions. 

For example, SoundCore Sport by Anker [4]. Its IPX7 waterproof rating means SoundCore Sport can handle immersion in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes, and even float after taking a plunge. With high dust, sand, and water resistance, it’s the perfect companion for a day outdoors.

Do waterproof speakers work underwater?

Yes, they do! Some floating Bluetooth speakers’ designs are waterproof and fully submerged. This protects the internal components from damage due to water exposure while allowing full access to all of its functions.

What is the loudest waterproof speaker?

Most Bluetooth speakers have an output power range from about 40 decibels up to 90 dB [5]. Most people will not notice any significant differences in volume levels among different brands or models. It’s important that your speaker has at least 25% more power than what you do so it doesn’t start distorting at maximum volume.

What do underwater speakers sound like?

The sound quality can vary from one floating speaker to the next. The build materials and waterproof rating play a role in the audio clarity, but so does design. Even when considering all these factors, you may still have different preferences for bass or treble depending on listening habits and/or environment – indoor vs outdoor use. Before making a purchase decision, it is important that you consider your own expectations about what audio quality means to you before diving into testing out speakers yourself. 

That said here are some general things to keep in mind:

  • You will not get the same audio quality as you would with speakers on dry land;
  • The sound of a floating speaker is typically “watered down” from what it can be when used indoors, but this doesn’t mean that every single one sounds bad. Some have been able to deliver decent clarity and good bass despite being designed for water use. Even if you find a really great-sounding unit, don’t expect it to compare well against another model by the same manufacturer that wasn’t built for water applications (at this price point, you can just about forget it);
  • The design of the speaker is important for delivering good sound. For example – A circular or cylindrical shape will allow for 360-degree coverage while a square-shaped unit may only deliver sound in front of itself (so if you are sitting directly in front of it on one side and not another, this could be an issue). Some units have more drivers than others which typically means that they are better at projecting audio into different directions. This factor becomes less significant when used underwater but is still worth keeping in mind;

How can you waterproof your Bluetooth speakers?

To waterproof your Bluetooth speakers, it is important that you seal all the seams and connections. If they are not sealed properly then water can seep in through a small crack or hole and cause damage to the speaker system. 

You should look for a device with an IPX level of at least 5 as this means that it will be completely protected from dust particles, dirt debris as well as splashing water. In addition, most devices also have rubberized edges that make them more resilient against any impact caused by dropping or bumping into objects such as walls, etc.  In many cases, these speakers come with a UV coating that makes them more durable and resilient against the sun’s harmful rays.

Can you make regular speakers waterproof?

Unfortunately, you can’t make them fully waterproof. Waterproof speakers are an entirely different type of technology that is created with water-resistant materials and a specially designed exterior shell to keep out moisture. 

However, you can make them weatherproof and splash-resistant. The quickest and simplest approach to protect your speakers is to apply a high-gloss polymer covering. The covering is usually a varnish or spray of polyurethane, although the polyurethane spray is purely functional and has no aesthetic appeal [6].

Can you hear underwater speakers?

Yes, you can. Several different models have been made to ensure people can hear the music underwater while they’re swimming or relaxing in a hot tub. The best way to do this is by using wireless speakers so there aren’t any wires around which could get wet and cause damage to your device. 

Bill Phillips, the president of Clark Synthesis, believes that an excellent underwater speaker is comparable to a beautiful wooden instrument such as a cello or violin. The sound is dispersed throughout the surface area of the speaker rather than being concentrated in one location. The amount of water you can cover with a speaker varies based on multiple factors [7].

Can outdoor speakers get wet?

 Yes. The best floating speakers are waterproof and built to withstand the elements of your pool or hot tub area. 

How do you seal speakers?

There are 2 common ways to seal speakers:

  • The first is with a gasket, which provides water resistance in places where there are holes or gaps;
  • The other way is with tape that has rubberized adhesive on one side and rubbery material on the other;

If you’re unsure about your speaker’s ability to float without submerging it in water, try putting some dish soap in the container before placing it inside. This will cause bubbles if any air gets trapped within its seams during submersion!

How do floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers work?

Floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers work by combining water-resistant materials with Bluetooth technology. They are designed to be buoyant and can float on water surfaces such as pools, lakes, or even in the shower. These speakers are sealed to prevent water from entering the internal components, ensuring their functionality and sound quality even when submerged.

Are floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers are ideal for outdoor use. Their waterproof and durable construction allows them to withstand various weather conditions such as rain, splashes, and even accidental drops into water. They are a great choice for outdoor activities like pool parties, beach trips, camping, and hiking.

How long do the batteries of floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers last?

The battery life of floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers can vary depending on the specific model and usage. However, many speakers offer a decent battery life ranging from 6 to 12 hours of continuous playback. It’s always a good idea to check the product specifications or user reviews to get a better understanding of the battery performance before making a purchase.

Can I pair multiple floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers together?

Yes, many floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers support wireless pairing for a more immersive audio experience. By connecting multiple speakers to the same Bluetooth source, you can create a stereo sound system or have the speakers play the same audio simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful when you want to enhance the sound coverage in a larger outdoor area.

How far is the Bluetooth range of floating waterproof speakers?

The Bluetooth range of floating waterproof speakers can vary depending on the specific model and the environment in which they are used. In general, most Bluetooth devices have a range of around 30 feet (9 meters). However, some advanced speakers may offer extended ranges of up to 100 feet (30 meters) or more. Keep in mind that obstacles such as walls or other electronic devices can affect the range and signal strength.

Can I use floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers with voice assistants?

Yes, many floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers are compatible with popular voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. They can be paired with your smartphone or other devices that have voice assistant capabilities. This allows you to control the speaker using voice commands, play music from streaming services, check the weather, set timers, and much more.

Are floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers submersible?

While floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers are designed to be water-resistant and withstand splashes and accidental drops into water, not all of them are fully submersible. It’s important to check the product specifications or user manual to determine the maximum water depth they can handle. Some speakers may be labeled as “IPX7” or “IPX8,” indicating their ability to be submerged up to a certain depth for a specific duration.

Can I charge floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers while using them?

Yes, you can usually charge floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers while using them. Many models come with a charging port that allows you to connect the speaker to a power source using a USB cable while still playing music. This feature ensures that you can continue enjoying your favorite tunes even if the battery is running low.

How do I clean floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers?

To clean floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user manual. In general, you can use a soft cloth or a damp cloth with mild soap or cleaning solution to wipe the speaker’s exterior. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that may damage the speaker’s waterproof seal or the surface finish.

Can I use floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers with non-Bluetooth devices?

Yes, you can use floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers with non-Bluetooth devices by using auxiliary (AUX) cables. These speakers often have an AUX input that allows you to connect devices such as MP3 players, laptops, or older audio devices using a standard 3.5mm audio cable. This way, you can still enjoy your music even if the device you want to connect doesn’t have Bluetooth capability.

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Final thoughts

You’ve probably heard by now that there are a lot of waterproof speakers on the market. To save you time and money, a few speaker experts put together this guide to help you figure out which is best for your needs. Hopefully, it helps!


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