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5 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots


Most recommended
O Neal 0325-111 Mens New Logo Rider Boot
  • Air mesh interior
  • Synthetic leather
  • Metal shank
A good choice too
Ad Tec Mans 13 in Harness Straps
  • Color: Black
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
A good choice too
O Neal 0332-112 Element Mens Boots
  • Metal shank insert
  • Easy to operate
  • Synthetic leather
O Neal Sierra Pro Men s Boot
  • Color: Brown
  • Designed for the adventure
  • Nylon inner sole
TCX Mens Motorcycle Boots
  • Leather
  • Waterproof
  • Color: Vintage Brown

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0.00% of users selected O Neal 0325-111 Mens New Logo Rider Boot, 28.57% selected Ad Tec Mans 13 in Harness Straps, 57.14% selected O Neal 0332-112 Element Mens Boots, 14.29% selected O Neal Sierra Pro Men s Boot and 0.00% selected TCX Mens Motorcycle Boots. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

The best waterproof motorcycle boots are the ones that you will be able to use on your bike and then wear in bad weather or any other time. You don’t want to have to buy a different set of boots for riding when it rains or snows. In this guide, we’ll dive into important factors including the material, insulation, protection from water and cold temperatures, durability, and comfort so that you can find the perfect pair of boots for all of your needs.

O’Neal Men’s Rider Boot BLK 11

O’Neal Men’s Rider Boots are perfect for those who like to ride their motorcycle across town for a burger and beer. Not only will the plastic plates protect against impacts, but the metal shank inside ensures that your boots stay comfortable and supportive as you peel out of that café at high speeds.

The four-buckle closure system makes putting these on super easy-even with gloves! There’s also an air mesh lining interior and generous heel support; minimalists need not apply. If you’re looking for comfort without sacrificing style or function, O’Neal Men’s Boot is what you’ve been waiting for.

  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Looks awesome!

  • Sizes run a bit big
  • Could be more protection

RIDETECS Mens 13in Harness Straps Heavy Duty Oiled Leather Motorcycle Boots

They say style and class are timeless. That’s why these iconic motorcycle boots from RIDETEC are always a good choice for riders of all ages, regardless of the type of bike you’re cruising on. In fact, this look isn’t just for motorcyclists either, as cowboys have been wearing high-style leather boots since way before they were “cool.”

Classic leather boots with platform soles will never go out of style – so if you’ve got a love for life on two wheels or three then pick up a pair today!

  • Made of leather
  • Reinforced midsole and an oiled finish
  • Elastic gussets with adjustable straps
  • Good traction

  • No steel toe cap
  • Not a lot of arch support
  • Available only in black color.

O’Neal Element Men’s Boots

Make a stylish statement this winter with authenticity – ‘O’Neal Element Men’s Boot’. With an imported, tough exterior and exceptional protection from the elements, these boots are great for the outdoors.

The Snap-Lock adjustable four-buckle closure system ensures that your fit is precise, providing easy entry and exit from this outstanding boot. Comfortable cushiony insole to provide you with extra support! With four colors sure to dull all your anxieties away from those worrisome daily stresses real quick.

  • Mesh lining
  • Metal toe guard
  • Easy to operate
  • Stylish

  • Cost
  • Not very comfortable.

O’Neal Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Boot

Meet the perfect motorcycle boot with the O’Neal Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Boot. Say goodbye to sweaty feet and those uncomfortable bike tours with this sleek, modern design.

Engineered specifically for riders of all types, with a durable 100% polyester exterior with leather lining that will keep you looking fresh from commute to country ride. Ride through your day in comfort and style on a boot that is made of full-grain leather and suede microfiber on top of a nylon innersole with steel shank – something heavy-duty enough for Dukes of Hazard style kicks! Or remove the footbed if you want an open-seam look or prefer softer footbeds. Either way, these boots are sure to make your adventures stress-free and comfortable!

  • Removable footbed
  • Leather lining
  • Robust metal quick-action buckles

  • Sizes run small

TCX Men’s Motorcycle Boots

You’re a man on a mission. You need the protection to go hard and these boots will not let you down. Taped seams protect from cold water, reinforced zippers mean your buckles have company, and an aeration system keeps air flowing out of these bad boys when needed most.

These boots are also waterproof in case they wind up submerged in some dirty ditch or pond. A five-eyelet zip-up closure is reinforced by Velcro at the shaft for added strength while still being incredibly easy to take off with little hassle. The perfect combo of toughness and style!

  • Aeration system
  • Reinforced zippers
  • Comfortable

  • Bulky design

Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

The benefits of waterproof motorcycle boots are numerous. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart from other types of riding footwear to determine if they will meet your needs and be worth the investment!

  • Toe and heel protection: motorcycle boots usually provide more coverage in the front and back, to make sure your toes and heels don’t get damaged when you set out on a ride.
  • Waterproofing: we all know that elements like wetness or mud can be inconvenient for walking around, not just while riding motorcycles! Since waterproof motorcycle boots keep your feet dry even if it starts raining unexpectedly or if you find yourself off-road at some point, they prevent the discomfort of getting soaked from above.
  • Comfort & warmth: due to their design being made specifically with comfort in mind (and often also heat retention), waterproof motorbike shoes are great winter gear because they will protect your feet without sacrificing too much mobility – meaning you’ll be able to move your feet and feel the wind on them when it’s cold, but will stay warm no matter what.
  • Protection: at a first glance you may think that waterproof footwear is not as protective as other types of boots – after all, they don’t have steel toe caps! However, while manufacturers can’t go overboard with protection in order for their shoes to be water-resistant (it would add too much weight), most models feature reinforced toes or heel areas which are just enough to keep your feet safe from hazards such as rocks or debris flying up from cars ahead of you on the road.

In addition, there are some extra features worth considering if you want even more comfort out of your shoes, such as replaceable insoles or slip-resistant outsoles.

Types of Men’s Motorcycle Boots

There are five main types of Men’s Motorcycle Boots:

  • Street Boots
  • Sport/Track Boots
  • Touring Boots
  • Adventure Boots
  • Dirt Bike Boots

Street boots are great for those who ride a motorcycle on the streets. These boots are typically made from man-made materials and have good abrasion resistance as well as comfort features such as padding or insulation to keep your feet warm during cold weather rides. Street Boots don’t provide much protection against extreme elements, so you should consider adding waterproofing spray before riding in heavy rain or snow. Also, note that these boots offer little support if walking is required after getting off the bike. Street boots aren’t great for all types of riding

Sport/Track Boots sport a lightweight construction with low profile soles which make them ideal for racing motorcycles but they lack heat retention capabilities because their sole lacks insulation material – which can be an issue if it gets too hot. They provide maximum support and protection for your feet in the event of a crash so they’re great for racing or other high-performance motorcycle rides. However, their lack of insulation makes them unsuitable for cold weather riding

Touring boots are perfect if you plan on doing some serious highway cruising with ample luggage space because these types of boots can be easily removed thanks to their zipper design. You won’t need extra gear such as socks when wearing Touring Boots because most brands manufacture waterproof models which offer superior breathability & warmth retention capability – even during long-distance trips where it gets hot inside the suit! Most touring boots feature full-grain leather upper material and solid rubber soles that increase durability and abrasion resistance against rough surfaces like asphalt. They’re also some of the most comfortable motorcycle boots ever made!

Adventure Boots are designed to be worn all day long while riding motorcycles in any weather conditions. The best Adventure Motorcycle Boots provide you with good insulation, ventilation, and waterproof protection – even if the temperature drops below zero degrees Fahrenheit or rises above 100 °F (37°C). In addition to that, they must have a solid sole that provides grip regardless of whether it’s wet, muddy, or icy outside – making them perfect for off-road trails. Some adventure motorcycle boots feature built-in ankle support systems which make them great for people who usually ride on rough terrain where there is a risk of getting injured by sharp stones/rocks when going over bumps at high speeds.

Dirt Bike Boots are usually made of synthetic materials and have a low-profile sole which is meant for riding on dirt bikes. They’re designed to offer protection against hot surfaces, oil & grease while providing sufficient grip at the same time – without compromising comfort or ventilation capacity. Dirt bike boots are known to be very comfortable and they’re usually made in waterproof designs which make them great motorcycle riding gear for warm weather conditions

Things to consider when purchasing waterproof motorcycle boots

It is quite difficult to find the best waterproof motorcycle boots that can meet your needs. You need to take into consideration a few factors in order to ensure the boots will be great for your needs. The following are a few things you need to consider when purchasing waterproof motorcycle boots:


The first factor that you should take into consideration is how much protection do you want in your boots? You need to make sure the boot provides adequate ankle support and protection from road debris, rocks, etc. However, you don’t want to be wearing a boot that is too heavy or bulky. Make sure the boots also have toe and heel reinforcement for added protection in case of an accident.

Protection also depends also on the type of riding you will be doing. For example, if you are going on a long tour and plan to walk around a lot then waterproof boots would prevent your feet from getting wet which can lead to blisters or frostbite in cold weather.

The protection that is given by motorcycle boots varies depending on the intended use of the boot. If they have been designed for racing then they won’t provide much protection at all but there’s no denying how cool it looks when someone goes racing down the track with their ankles exposed! In fact, these types of boots look great paired up with jeans for an everyday casual ride through town or city – even though some people might think otherwise! Still, make sure you know what sort of rider you want to be before choosing your boots.

Protection is the main reason why someone would choose to wear motorcycle boots over regular shoes or sneakers. There are many different types of protection that you can get from a boot depending on what type it is – do not be fooled by marketing jargon! If you buy cheap, low-quality boots then don’t expect much in terms of durability because they won’t last long and will most likely fall apart after just one season! It’s worth spending that little bit extra for better quality waterproof motorcycle boots with better style points as well!  That way you will be able to wear your boots for several seasons and get the most out of them.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that more protection does not always equal better quality! There are many different styles on offer in this style guide – some have a more aggressive look while others are designed with more classic or refined styling in mind. It all depends on what you want from your new pair of motorcycle boots.

Protection is vital if they are going to keep our feet safe when riding motorcycles across bumpy terrain, uneven roads, potholes, etc. Considering how important it is, make sure you choose something which has enough support around the ankle area as well as strong reinforcement where needed but also looks good at the same time! If shoes can protect our feet while providing high levels of comfort all day long then they are worth purchasing!


The next most important thing you need to consider is waterproofing.

Waterproofing will help protect your feet from rain, snow, and any other liquid that may be on the ground while riding in cold weather.

While leather is a great material for motorcycle boots it isn’t very good at keeping liquids out which means buying waterproof motorcycle boots might not even make sense if they’re made of 100% leather! Waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex are often used instead with full grain or top grain leather uppers because these materials can keep water and wind out but still breathe like normal shoes would allow them to dry when wet.

If you live somewhere where there’s lots of rain, having fully sealed seams between panels makes picking up road grime easier than ever before.

Your feet will feel a lot more comfortable in your warm boots if they’re still dry and not all sweaty from being wet. It’s almost like the difference between wearing cotton socks or woolen ones when it comes to how warm your feet will be.

Seam-sealed full-grain leather uppers are also much easier to clean than normal nubuck or suede motorcycle boots because you can actually get water inside them to rinse off mud, dirt, and other debris so everything looks good as new again without having to take the chance of ruining the leather by scrubbing at it with soap and water which could cause premature wear on top of damaging any waterproofing treatment applied.

Properly testing whether or not your boots are waterproof is not the easiest task in the world. Some manufacturers use a “guaranteed dry” stamp of approval, which basically ensures that your feet will stay perfectly dry for one year (or at least up to 30 days) under normal conditions. However, this doesn’t mean you can walk through puddles or submerge your shoes in water and expect them to be fine afterward – these boots simply aren’t designed for that kind of treatment!

Waterproof motorcycle boots should also allow heat ventilation because operating motorcycles generates extra body heat; if their protective features end up trapping too much warmth inside it could bring on early fatigue or even cause discomfort during summer months.


Another important consideration is the material of your boots. You want to make sure that they are made out of waterproof material, typically leather or synthetic materials like textiles and plastic (leather will hold up better over time). If you are looking for more affordable options, the rubber may be an option as well.

Rubber is typically waterproof and will not get wet or absorb water like leather can (although after a while this could cause some damage to your boots). Some people choose full-on rain boots because they don’t care about the look of their boots, only that it keeps them dry.

Leather boots will require more time to break in and can potentially feel uncomfortable at first. However, they typically hold up better over the long run. The leather also has a tendency to be much higher quality than other materials which means that you may have them for years instead of months.

Some boots are partially made out of leather with a synthetic sole/upper, so this is a middle-ground option if you want something waterproof but don’t like the idea of wearing full-on rubber boots (although these do exist as well).

Just remember: Waterproof does not mean insulated! If you are looking for some warmth on your ride during colder months keep an eye out for specific winter or thermal motorcycle boots. If it says waterproof, then by all means it should be okay.


Comfort is one more important factor to consider. A motorcycle boot should be comfortable enough not to cause any discomfort or pain while riding. It is best if the boots are waterproof because they will allow you to wear them even when you do not plan on riding your bike for a long time and they can also protect your feet from cold weather during the winter months.

Many riders prefer wearing leather shoes over other types because of their durability but it tends to stretch out with time, losing shape until it becomes too loose around the foot although this does not happen very quickly at first because leather products have soft materials allowing them to be tightened up later when needed by adding extra holes in the laces or zippers.

Motorcycle boots should also be designed in such a way that there is no pressure on the rider’s toes. The toe box of any motorcycle boot must not push against your foot or cause hot spots when riding for long hours. This can make driving uncomfortable and tiring, which you do not want to happen if wearing waterproof motorcycle boots. Therefore, it is best to test several pairs at local stores before buying one online or choosing them online yourself but only after reading reviews about the product by past customers who have bought and used them already.

If you are buying online, read the product description carefully. A good online store will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about which boots are best for your feet and riding style. When buying from a local motorcycle gear store, talk to their staff before making any purchase so that they can either advise you on what boot brands might work well with your legs or let you try some different styles until you find one that is perfect for you.


The next thing you want to consider is the size of your boots. If they’re too small, then not only will it hurt your feet but if you fall off and land with all your weight on one boot at once, there’s a chance that you might break something in them. Your foot should be able to move freely inside its enclosure without getting pinched or crushed by tight lacing or padding; however, this does NOT mean that the boot should fit loosely either!

Make sure to find a balance between these two extremes because unlike other types of footwear like sneakers where looser fits are common, motorcycle boots need to fit snugly for safety purposes since they offer protection against injuries caused by accidents.

If possible, try wearing each pair with the type of pants that you plan to wear when riding. This will give you the best idea of whether they’re comfortable enough for your feet or not.

If you are buying online, make sure you review the sizing chart on the website for details. Also, read reviews from previous buyers to know what other customers say about the boots’ fit and comfort.

Reinforced sole

Reinforced sole is the most common feature in boots that are waterproof. This simply means the boot has an extra layer of strong material, usually rubber, that covers the outside of the bottom part or sole. This extra layer protects your boots from wearing out quickly even if you are walking on rocks, gravels, and other harsh terrains while riding

  • It is always advisable to choose a pair of waterproof motorcycle boots with reinforced soles for better protection against wear and tear
  • Most higher-end boots have this feature but it’s okay to check before purchasing anything
  • In some cases, boot manufacturers use different materials for the reinforced layer. In most cases, it is made from polyurethane


Last but not least is the brand. There are so many brands out there that it can get a bit confusing. Brands like Alpinestars, TCX, and REV’IT! have been making motorcycle gear for decades, which means they know what works best in regards to safety and reliability. This doesn’t mean you should dismiss newer or lesser-known brands, but if I had to choose between two equal boots based on the criteria above (style vs price), then I would go with the brand name I trust most:

Brands that have already been on the market for a long time are usually able to provide a higher level of quality and they can use their years of experience for competitive advantage. They also have more resources for research and development, which means they can be innovative in their designs.

Famous brands usually have a higher price due to the cost of marketing and promoting their products, but you can often find cheaper alternatives from lesser-known brands. However, it is important to be cautious when deciding on those options as they may not last as long or provide the same level of quality (in regards to materials and workmanship).

They also offer a longer warranty than smaller brands, so if you do choose to go with a lesser-known brand then at least they will be there to help.

If you are looking for value and quality that is recognized worldwide, then it makes sense to pay more for the most well-known motorcycle gear makers out there. Their products have been tried and tested over decades of use in all types of riding conditions.


Do you need special motorcycle boots?

Yes, you will need some form of boots to protect your feet and lower legs. Riding motorcycles is a dangerous activity by nature, so you must wear protective clothing for safety reasons. Motorcycle boots are essential because they provide protection from road debris as well as crashes or spills. It is also important to stay safe while riding around in your motorcycle boots.

Can I wear regular boots for a motorcycle?

No, motorcycle boots are different from regular boots. They have to be made of certain materials and constructed in a special manner to provide maximum protection for you while riding motorcycles.

What is the difference between motorcycle boots and regular boots?

The main difference between motorcycle boots and regular boots is the way they are constructed. They have to be more sturdy so as to protect your feet in case of a crash or spill, whereas normal boots will only help you with day-to-day activities on foot.

Useful Video: 2015 Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Buyers Guide

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of great waterproof motorcycle boots out there. You need to find the right ones for your needs and preferences, but you should definitely give these options a look over before making any decisions about what kind of boot is best for you.

Waterproof motorcycle boots are important for anyone with a motorcycle. They keep your feet dry in case you happen to get stuck riding in the rain, and they also offer protection when you go down since many boots come equipped with steel toes or other armor that can help protect your feet in an accident.

If you don’t already have waterproof motorcycle boots, I would recommend getting some before it starts raining here where you are. You’ll be glad that you did! What kind of boot do you think is best? Let us know in the comments.