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5 Best Waterproof Cameras Under $200

Most recommended
GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver
  • Brand GoPro
  • Optical Sensor Size 10MP
  • CT USB
A good choice too
KASO V50 Elite 4K60fps Touch Screen WiFi
  • Brand AKASO
  • Item Weight 1.3 Pounds
  • Waterproof
A good choice too
Waterproof Digital Camera Underwater Camera
  • Brand S & P Safe and Perfect
  • Color Blue
  • Zoom
AKASO Brave 6 4K 20MP WiFi Action
  • Brand AKASO
  • Item Weight 1.28 Pounds
  • Digital
Canon PowerShot D20 12.1 MP CMOS
  • Brand Canon
  • Color Blue/Black
  • Lens Type Wide-Angle

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The best waterproof cameras under $200 are a great investment for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. Whether you’re an avid surfer, hiker, or camper, having a camera that can withstand the elements is key to capturing those unforgettable memories. In this guide, we will answer some of the most common questions about waterproof cameras and provide product reviews for some of the best models on the market. We’ll also offer helpful tips on how to choose the right camera for your needs and budget. So whether you’re in need of a new camera for your next outdoor adventure or just want to be prepared in case of inclement weather, read on for our recommendations!

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GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver

Looking for a great, affordable camera that will let you capture all your adventures? Look no further than the GoPro Camera HERO7 Silver! This portable camera is perfect for anyone who loves to document their life and experiences, whether you’re hiking, biking, or just exploring new places.

The image quality is decent and the video is smooth, making it easy to capture all your favorite moments. The best part is that it’s straightforward to use, so you won’t lose a lot of time figuring out how it works! And with good battery life, you can keep filming all day long.

The GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver is a state-of-the-art camera that allows you to take stunning, high quality videos. However, it has some major drawbacks that you should be aware of before purchasing. Firstly, you’ll need to install a separate application in order to edit your pictures. Additionally, the camera has been known to freeze occasionally. Furthermore, the battery drains very quickly when filming high quality videos. And finally, the built-in battery cannot be replaced. Despite these drawbacks, the GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver is still an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line camera.

  • Portable;
  • Decent image quality;
  • Films smooth video;
  • Straightforward to use;
  • Affordable;
  • Good battery life;

  • Requires user to install a separate application;
  • Freezes;
  • Battery drains fast when filming high quality videos;
  • Battery is built-in and can’t be replaced;

AKASO V50 Elite Waterproof Action Camera

The AKASO V50 Elite is a tough and versatile waterproof action camera that’s perfect for your outdoor adventures. It records stunning decent videos, and with its voice control feature, you can easily manage your footage without having to take your hands off the camera.

The AKASO V50 Elite is also easy to use, even for first-time users, and comes with some handy photography accessories to help you capture great images and videos. Plus, with its long battery life, you can keep shooting all day long. Best of all, the AKASO V50 Elite offers great value for money, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality action camera.

AKASO V50 Elite Waterproof Action Camera is one of the latest waterproof action cameras on the market. It boasts excellent video quality, but with 4k videos, this isn’t always the case. The camera itself comes with no lens cover, which means it’s easy to scratch the lens. And even if you’re careful, water and dust can still get in and ruin your footage. The sound volume is also disappointingly low, so any important audio will be lost in translation. Another problem is with the image stabilization – it just doesn’t work very well. In addition, some users have reported that their AKASO V50 Elite has frozen up on them during use. Lastly, the wireless controls can be quite temperamental. Despite all these issues, the AKASO V50 Elite is still a decent action camera and could be worth considering if you’re looking for something affordable.

  • Comes with voice control;
  • Offers 4K video ad 60 fps;
  • Easy to use;
  • Comes with useful photography accessories;
  • Good battery life;
  • Great value for money;

  • Video quality is different from what’s promised;
  • Comes with no lens cover;
  • Sound volume is low;
  • Poor image stabilization;
  • Experiences freezing;
  • Poor wireless controls;

S & P Waterproof Digital Camera Underwater Camera

This camera is perfect for the outdoor adventurer who likes to take pictures while enjoying all that nature has to offer. It’s lightweight and easy to use, so you’ll never have trouble bringing it along with you on your next hike or camping trip.

Plus, it offers decent quality pictures! And at such an affordable price, this camera is a great value for anyone looking for an easy way to capture their memories.

Even though its name says it’s waterproof, this camera is anything but. In fact, it’s not even remotely waterproof. So if you’re planning on taking any pictures underwater, you’re out of luck. In fact, the build quality of this product isn’t the best as a whole. The lens on this camera is completely unprotected, so if you drop it or bump it, there’s a good chance the lens will break. So if you’re looking for a cheap digital camera that you can take underwater, the S & P Waterproof Digital Camera Underwater Camera is not the device you’d want to use.

  • Lightweight;
  • Offers decent quality pictures;
  • Comes at affordable price;

  • Not waterproof at all;
  • Cheap build quality;
  • Lens lack protection;

AKASO Brave 6 Waterproof Action Camera

The AKASO Brave 6 is a versatile and affordable waterproof action camera that is perfect for anyone looking to capture their outdoor adventures. The camera is easy to set-up and comes with two batteries, so you can stay out and about all day without having to worry about running out of power.

The Brave 6 also boasts good image stability, meaning your footage will be clear and steady even if you’re in motion. Plus, with the included remote control, you can easily take photos and videos from a distance. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or exploring a new hiking trail, the AKASO Brave 6 is a great way to document your fun.

AKASO Brave 6 is not really waterproof as the name suggests. The case isn’t even watertight and you’ll most likely end up ruining your camera if you try using it in wet environments. The audio quality is also far from satisfactory, so don’t even think about using this camera to capture video footage where sound is a highlight. Another downside is that product instructions can be misleading in some areas. To top it all off, the controls on the camera are very user-unfriendly and confusing. But overall, you get what you pay for and this is still a good product for the money.

  • Has useful remote controls;
  • Durable construction;
  • Comes with two batteries;
  • Low-cost;
  • Easy to set-up;
  • Good image stability;

  • Case isn’t waterproof;
  • Poor audio quality;
  • Requires SD card to be format;
  • Instructions are misleading;
  • Controls aren’t user-friendly;

Canon PowerShot D20 12.1 MP CMOS Waterproof Digital Camera

With the Canon PowerShot D20, you’ll be able to take stunning photos and videos, no matter where you are. This waterproof digital camera is perfect for any adventure, whether you’re at the beach, hiking through a beautiful forest, or exploring a new city.

You’ll never miss a moment with the 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and high quality optical zoom lens. The PowerShot D20 also features a bright viewfinder, so you can always see what you’re shooting. Plus, with long battery life, you can keep going all day long.

The Canon PowerShot D20 12.1 MP CMOS Waterproof Digital Camera is a great way to take pictures while you’re out and about. However, there are some design flaws that can make it difficult to use. The construction is made of hard plastic, which makes it feel flimsy and not very durable. The lens gets foggy easily, and the LCD glass is prone to scratching. Plus, the camera is not actually that waterproof, so be careful if you’re using it in water. Despite these flaws, the Canon PowerShot D20 is still a great camera for taking everyday photos.

  • Good image quality;
  • Great underwater video quality;
  • Long battery life;
  • Bright viewfinder;

  • Confusing design;
  • Construction of hard plastic;
  • LCD glass is prone to scratching;
  • Lens get foggy easily;
  • Not completely waterproof;

Buyer’s guide

The Benefits of Having a Waterproof Camera

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro, having a waterproof camera can be a great asset. Waterproof cameras are designed to withstand the elements, whether it’s rain, snow, or even just a splash from the pool.

The Benefits of Having a Waterproof Camera

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a waterproof camera. For one thing, they’re incredibly durable and can take a beating. They’re also great for capturing action shots, as well as images in low-light conditions. And of course, they’re perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors.

And probably the most obvious reason is taking photos underwater. Whether you’re snorkeling in the Maldives or swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, a waterproof camera will let you capture memories that will last a lifetime without having to worry about damaging your gear. [1],[2]

Differences Between Digital, Disposable and Action Waterproof Cameras

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits of having a waterproof camera, let’s take a look at the different types of them.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras are devices that allow you to capture and store digital images. Many digital cameras also allow you to take videos as well. You can connect most digital cameras to your computer or laptop via a USB cable in order to transfer the images or videos onto your hard drive.

Some digital cameras use memory cards, which are small, removable disks that store data. Memory cards come in different sizes, with the most popular being SD (Secure Digital) cards. Most digital cameras have slots for memory cards so that you can easily remove the card and plug it into your computer or another device to view or transfer the files.

There are various kinds of digital cameras, from simple point-and-shoot cameras to more complex DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras.

DSLR cameras are the gold standard for professional photographers. These cameras use a mirror system that allows you to see exactly what the lens sees. This makes them ideal for taking high-quality photos in a variety of lighting conditions.

However, DSLR cameras can be quite expensive, but if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, there are plenty of great waterproof point-and-shoot cameras on the market.

Point-and-shoot cameras are small and compact, making them easy to take with you on the go.
They’re also much less expensive than DSLR cameras, which makes them a great option for amateur photographers.

Many point-and-shoot cameras now come equipped with features that used to be found only on DSLR cameras, such as the ability to shoot in RAW format or change lenses.

Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras are a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to invest in a digital camera. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about losing or breaking them.

And while they may not offer all the features of a digital camera, waterproof disposable cameras are still capable of taking decent photos and videos. Of course you shouldn’t expect perfect photos from them as they have fixed lenses and a limited number of settings. But they’re still a great option for anyone who wants to capture memories without spending a lot of money.

Plus, they’re perfect for capturing impromptu moments or for those times when you don’t want to lug your digital camera around.

Disposable cameras typically come with 24 or 36 exposures, and you can find them at most drugstores and supermarkets.

One thing to keep in mind with disposable cameras is that you’ll need to get the film developed, which can be expensive if you don’t have a coupon or know where to look for deals. And once the film is developed, you’ll need to scan the photos into your computer if you want to share them online.

Action Cameras

Action cameras are designed for people who love adventure. They’re small, lightweight, and easy to take with you on the go. And most importantly, they’re designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and surfing.

Action Cameras

Action cameras are perfect for capturing images and videos in tough situations. They’re also great for first-person view (FPV) applications, such as drones and extreme sports.

It’s worth noting that action cameras are more expensive than disposable and some digital cameras. But if you’re looking for a camera that can keep up with your active lifestyle, they’re definitely worth the investment. [3],[4]

How to Take Nice Photos Underwater?

If you’re planning on taking photos or videos underwater, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. First, make sure your camera is waterproof and rated for depths of at least 30 feet and invest in good quality underwater housing. This will protect your camera from the elements and allow you to control all the functions while underwater.

Use flash when taking pictures underwater, as it will help to illuminate your subject and make the colors pop.

Get closer to the subject of your photo for the best results. The further away you are, the more water there is between you and the subject, which will make it appear blurry.

Set your camera to low ISO to avoid grainy photos, and use a fast shutter speed to prevent blur. A good rule of thumb is to use a shutter speed of at least 1/125th for fast moving objects.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to take some great photos and videos the next time you go diving! [1],[2],[5]

Accessories for Waterproof Cameras

In addition to a good quality camera and underwater housing, there are a few other accessories you’ll need to take great photos underwater.

Waterproof case or bag: A waterproof case or bag is essential for keeping your camera and housing dry when you’re not using them.

Underwater lights: Underwater lights can help to bring out the colors in your photos and make them pop. They can also be used to attract fish, which can make for some great shots!

Pole mount: A pole mount is a great way to get close-up shots of fish and other underwater creatures without getting too close.

Memory cards: Be sure to invest in a high quality memory card with plenty of storage space. This will help you avoid losing any precious photos or videos you take underwater.

Hand strap: A hand strap makes it easier to hold onto your camera housing, especially when you’re in the water. [1],[6]

Buyers Guide for the Best Waterproof Cameras Under $200

So, here’s your options! But how do you decide which one suits your needs the most? Actually, there’s plenty to consider. To help you out, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide for the best waterproof cameras under $200.

Level of waterproofness

The first thing you need to think about is just how waterproof you need your camera to be. In fact, some are barely even water-resistant, let alone waterproof. Do you plan on taking pictures in the rain? Or do you want to be able to take photos while swimming?

There are different levels of waterproofness, and each one comes with its own set of pros and cons. For example, a camera that’s only weather-resistant might be fine for taking pictures in the rain. But it probably wouldn’t survive being dropped in a lake. On the other hand, a camera that’s meant for underwater use will be much more durable. But it might be on the pricier side of things.

Level of waterproofness

Consider the maximum depth the camera can withstand, as well as the type of water it can be used in. Freshwater, saltwater, chlorinated water… each one will have a different effect on your camera. But in this case, camera build quality matters more.[1],[6],[7]

Price of the camera

Of course, the price is going to be a huge deciding factor. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a range of cameras that fit any budget.

The first thing you need to consider is what you’re actually going to use the camera for. Are you wanting to capture beautiful landscapes while you’re out hiking? Or are you looking for something small and discreet that you can take on your next snorkeling trip? Once you know how you’re going to use the camera, it’ll be much easier to narrow down your options.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the images that the camera produces. If you’re wanting to take professional-quality photos, then you’ll obviously need to spend a bit more money. But if you’re just looking for something to capture memories, then you can probably get away with a less expensive model.

Finally, make sure to read the reviews before making your purchase. This will give you a good idea of what other people think about the camera and whether or not it’s worth the money. [2],[6],[7]


When it comes to waterproof cameras, durability is key. After all, you don’t want your camera to break the first time you drop it in water!

There are a few things you can look for when it comes to durability. First of all, check the material the camera is made out of. Some materials are more durable than others. For example, metal is usually more durable than plastic.

You should also consider the camera’s construction. A well-made camera will have reinforced seams and sturdy buttons. And of course, a good warranty is always a bonus! In this case, you definitely get what you pay for. [1],[2]

Image quality

The image quality is one of the main things you should consider when choosing a waterproof camera. If you’re planning on using the camera for professional photography, then you’ll need to make sure that it takes high-quality images. However, if you’re just looking for a waterproof camera to take on vacation, then you might not need to worry about the image quality as much. One of the factors influencing image quality underwater is ISO.

ISO is the measure of a camera’s sensitivity to light. The lower the ISO number, the less sensitive it is to light, and vice versa. When shooting underwater, you might think that you need to use a high ISO in order to get good images, but that’s not always the case.

In fact, using a high ISO can actually result in grainy or blurry images.

So, what’s the best ISO to use for underwater photography? It really depends on the conditions you’re shooting in. If you’re shooting in decently-lit conditions, then you can probably get away with using a lower ISO. You can also use flash in low-light settings, which will save you from having to increase your ISO and deal with noise as a result.

You should also think about the megapixel count of the camera. A higher megapixel count will mean that you can print out your photos at a larger size. But most importantly they will look more lively and vivid.[1],[6],[7],[8]

Good video quality

The video quality is an important factor to consider when choosing a waterproof camera. Most of the time, you’ll be shooting in HD. And if you’re not, you might as well get a different type of camera.

There are a few things that affect video quality. The first is resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the video quality will be. Just note that finding a camera with true 4K video quality under $200 will be nearly impossible, unless you buy a refurb.

Good video quality

The second is framerate. This is how many frames per second the camera can record. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video will be.

The last thing to consider is bitrate. This is how much data per second the camera uses to encode the video. The higher the bitrate, the better the quality will be but it also uses more storage space. [1],[6],[7],[9]

How portable and easy to use camera is

It’s also important to think about how portable and easy to use the camera is.

If you’re planning on using it for a lot of different activities, then you’ll want something that’s small and lightweight.
However, if you’re only going to be using it for occasional trips or vacations, then size and weight won’t be as big of a concern.

Another thing to consider is how easy the camera is to use. If you’re not very tech-savvy, then you’ll want something that’s relatively simple to operate. But if you don’t mind learning a few new things, then more complex cameras with more features may be better suited for your needs. [1],[6]

Comparison of Indicators for Choosing Waterproof Cameras Under $200

When choosing a waterproof camera under $200, it’s essential to consider various indicators to ensure you make the right decision. The following table outlines important factors to consider:

Indicator Description
Waterproof Depth The maximum depth the camera can be submerged in water without damage.
Megapixels The resolution of the camera’s sensor, which affects image quality and sharpness.
Video Resolution The quality of video recordings, typically measured in terms of pixels (e.g., 720p, 1080p).
Image Stabilization Whether the camera has built-in mechanisms to reduce blur and shakiness in photos and videos.
Zoom Range The level of optical or digital zoom available, determining how close you can get to a subject.
Battery Life The duration the camera can operate on a single battery charge.
Additional Features Extra functionalities such as built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, touch screen, or specific shooting modes.

These indicators provide a starting point for evaluating different waterproof cameras under $200. Consider your specific requirements and preferences for each indicator when comparing cameras. Remember to prioritize the features that matter most to you based on your intended use of the camera. By carefully considering these indicators, you can find a waterproof camera that suits your needs within your budget.


Is GoPro a good underwater camera?

While GoPro cameras are not specifically designed for underwater use, they are a good option for those who want to take their camera diving or snorkeling. GoPro cameras are durable and can be used in a variety of settings, making them a good choice for those who want to use their camera in different environments.

Can you use an underwater camera above water?

Yes, you can use an underwater camera above water.

Underwater cameras are designed to be used in tough environments and can withstand being submerged in water for long periods of time. If you are looking for a camera to take on your next diving trip or snorkeling adventure, then an underwater camera is a great option.

How deep can underwater cameras go?

Most waterproof cameras have a depth rating of about 33 feet. However, some models are designed for depths as great as 70-80 feet, these cameras are specifically designed for deep diving.

What are some recommended waterproof cameras under $200?

There are several waterproof cameras available in the market under $200. Some popular options include the Olympus Tough TG-6, Nikon Coolpix W150, Fujifilm FinePix XP140, and AKASO Brave 4.

What is the image quality like on waterproof cameras under $200?

The image quality of waterproof cameras under $200 can vary depending on the specific model. While they may not offer the same level of image quality as high-end cameras, many budget-friendly options still provide decent image resolution and clarity for casual underwater photography.

Are waterproof cameras under $200 suitable for snorkeling or diving?

Yes, many waterproof cameras under $200 are suitable for snorkeling or diving. However, it’s important to check the depth rating and specific features of each camera to ensure it meets your requirements. Some cameras may have limitations on how deep they can go, so it’s essential to review the manufacturer’s specifications.

Do waterproof cameras under $200 have video recording capabilities?

Yes, most waterproof cameras under $200 offer video recording capabilities. However, the video quality may vary between models. Some cameras can record in Full HD (1080p) or even 4K resolution, while others may have limitations in terms of frame rate and resolution.

What additional features can I expect from waterproof cameras under $200?

Waterproof cameras under $200 often come with various additional features to enhance your photography experience. Some common features include built-in Wi-Fi for easy sharing and transferring of photos, image stabilization to reduce blur, different shooting modes (e.g., underwater mode, panorama), and durable construction to withstand harsh environments.

Can I use a waterproof camera under $200 in other outdoor activities besides underwater photography?

Absolutely! Waterproof cameras under $200 are versatile and can be used for various outdoor activities besides underwater photography. They are often designed to be rugged and durable, making them suitable for activities like hiking, camping, skiing, and beach outings.

What is the battery life like on waterproof cameras under $200?

Battery life can vary among different waterproof cameras under $200. However, many models offer decent battery performance, allowing you to capture a reasonable number of photos or record videos before needing to recharge. It’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s specifications for the estimated battery life of a specific camera.

Are there any limitations or trade-offs with waterproof cameras under $200?

While waterproof cameras under $200 offer great value for their price, there are some limitations or trade-offs to consider. These cameras may not have the same advanced features, image quality, or depth rating as more expensive models. Additionally, some budget-friendly options may lack manual controls, have a smaller sensor size, or fewer customization options compared to higher-end cameras.

Can I find affordable accessories for waterproof cameras under $200?

Yes, there are many affordable accessories available for waterproof cameras under $200. These can include floating straps, protective cases, spare batteries, chargers, memory cards, and various mounting options. It’s always recommended to check the compatibility of accessories with your specific camera model before making a purchase.

Where can I purchase waterproof cameras under $200?

Waterproof cameras under $200 can be found in various electronics stores, camera retailers, and online marketplaces. Some popular online platforms to consider include Amazon, B&H Photo Video, Best Buy, and Adorama. Make sure to compare prices, read customer reviews, and check for any ongoing promotions or discounts before making a purchase.

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Whether you’re looking for a camera to capture your beach vacation memories or want something to take on your next snorkeling trip, waterproof cameras are a great option. Even budget-friendly models can offer you good performance and waterproofness. When choosing a waterproof camera, be sure to consider the level of waterproofing, price, ISO level, image and video quality, portability, and durability. And don’t forget to list down which features are most important to you before making your purchase. With so many great options available, we hope this guide has helped make the process of choosing a new camera a little bit easier. Have fun capturing your summer memories!


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